Saturday, March 18, 2017

Chuck Berry dies on 3/18.Back to the Future-Chicago Cubs-Chess-Death of Phil Chess

Don't have a lot of time to post about this but I just saw Chuck Berry died. 
How fitting....the Cubs finally win the World Series and now Chuck Berry dies....Johnny B Goode. 
Chuck Berry=51, 114
Rock and Roll=51
Cubs were in 114th season being called the Cubs and won the World Series getting their 114th win of the season. 
I mentioned this number like crazy in regards to the Cubs winning. 
Enchantment under the Sea=114(rev. reduced)

Today is also 3/18....the number connected to reverse Pi and also the God number according to the TV show "Touch".. 
The 2nd coming of Jesus mentioned 318 times in the new testament. 
The 77th day....Christ=77
Jesus Christ=151
Chuck Berry dies 151 days after his bday. 
Back to the Future Part II=318(reverse)
I know the Johnny B Goode part is in Part 1 but the Cubs win in Part 2. 
Back to the Future II=77
Crispin Glover=77....also 923(english)...Just adding to my collection of 923 on this....

The Cubs also won the world series 1 year 12 days after Back to the Future Day...How fitting. 
The 112th world series that ends after game 7 on 11/2. 

Charles Edward Anderson Berry Sr=136
He dies 136 days after the Cubs win the World Series. 

It seems CNN really wants us to see "St. Charles County" as well. 
St. Charles County=59, 77, 203
Back to the Future=59
Three Hundred Eighteen=203

CNN also shows us Lenny Kravitz's tweet with 114 comments. 

Remember around the World Series I was also talking about a Chess theme. We had the death of Sean ROOKs and then on Chuck Berry's 90th bday we got the death of Phil CHESS, the owner of the record label Chuck Berry was signed to and got famous from. They even did a promo comparing the world series to a game of Chess before one of the games. 
Chess Theme Post
Death of Phil Chess
Funny the Cavs won 136 days before the Cubs won the world series too. 
Chess Records=136
It could be nothing but I've been really thinking about Steve Fisher the Michigan coach of the Fab Five, also Carrie Fisher, and now I'm reminded of Bobby Fisher. Who knows....just something I've been pondering on how it's possibly interrelated to some of these stories. The Fisher KING. 

How interesting Chuck Berry was supposed to release his first album in 38 years in 2017 too. Dedicated to his wife...
Toddy Berry=136
I have to leave, but will for sure be thinking more about this tonight.


  1. Good stuff. No body fuck with the Jesus.

    He even recorded Johnnie B. Goode in Chess Studios, Chicago, 1/6/58.

  2. Another win for Michigan.

    That rematch with Purdue looking like it's coming