Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Jerry Krause dies age 77...more of the same numbers 203, 318

Jerry Krause dies age 77 today. 
Jerry Krause=151....also 203(Francis Bacon)
Jesus Christ=151....also 203(Francis Bacon)
3/18 the 77th day....
Three Hundred Eighteen=203

Jerry Krause=1551(Jewish)   
Just documenting this as 1551 I have mentioned in regards to a number of other things. 

He's known for being the architect of the Bulls Dynasty, with the Bulls God Michael Jordan. 
Jordan announced his 1st comeback on 3/18. 
Bull God=318(Satanic) also 303(Jewish)

Today being 21/3 makes me think about the Bulls winning in 1996 on Tupac's 25th bday. 
All Eyez on Me came out on 2/13 which was 2 months 13 days before Tupac died. 
The NBA Finals=213(reverse)

Cleveland Cavaliers=318(reverse)

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