Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Alligator eats players ball on Florida Golf Course

Surprised Daniel McNamara didn't rip out one of it's eyes. 

Daniel McNamara=55
Rotonda West=55

Interesting too..
Golf Ball=166(english)
Adam Sandler=326(english)
Long Marsh=326(Jewish)

Carl Weathers is a guy I've been following for a while now. He's been connected to a lot of stories and themes including the death of Prince and Earthquakes.
I just noticed his bday of 1/14 which in the death of my uncle was connected to 318 and 166 and more. 
Apollo Creed dies on 31/8..1985. 
Apollo Creed=191(reverse)
Carl Weathers=191(reverse)
Bernard Alan Murphy=191
He dies 191 days before his bday. 

That's interesting in regards to the Boy Ate by the alligator on Donald Trump's 70th bday...also Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope and so on...
1/14 to 6/14 is 151 days. 
Jesus Christ=151

I'm thinking about all of the Donald Trump Golfing stories we have got since he's been president too. 

Funny too as I'm typing this up I am listening to an episode of the show "Touch" and they just brought up CALVIN Norburg as importance to the plot. Earlier I was super drawn to rewatch the movie "Stigmata" as it was on TV. Of course the main priest is played by "Gabriel Byrnes"...He's also on the End of Days. I even clicked on some video on Facebook of a girl telling how to make money cause I wanted to read the comments. It was the only video I clicked on and of course after I clicked on it, I realized the person sharing it was someone named Gabriel(I don't know this person) on 2/23 of all days.
2/23 the 54th day. 

Golf Course=511(Jewish)

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