Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jim Harbaugh is 64 Reverse

I was seeing if there was a possible link between sports coaches....such as Jim Harbaugh and John Beilein's bday's and what not. 

Harbaugh is 53 years old. "Harbaugh"=53
Beilein born in 53'. 

I noticed when Michigan lost their first football game this year it was 142 days before the college bball championship. 
Beilein is 64 years old. 
I also noticed "Jim Harbaugh"=64(reverse red)
Jim Harbaugh=98
Michigan Wolverines=98
Ninety Eight=64
Lupercalia=64(rev red) and 98

Beilein=43(reverse red)
Championship played on 4/3. 

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