Friday, March 31, 2017

SpaceX Rocket makes history the same day as Atlanta Bridge Collapse-NBA Finals-Super Bowl 51

Funny how we get this story the same day as an Atlanta Interstate collapsing. The Falcons just lost Super Bowl 51....SpaceX uses the Falcon Rockets. 

It says SpaceX announced about 32 minutes after takeoff it had successfully landed. 

It was also the 32nd SpaceX Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch. 
Thirty Two=85(reverse)
National Football League=85
The bridge collapse was on I-85
Atlanta Georgia=85(rev red)
1985 was 32 years ago. 
32nd prime is 131
Atlanta Georgia=131
Super Bowl=131

OF course Super Bowl 51 was played in Houston, where the Rockets play. 
Houston Rockets=85(H exception)
Basketball=22, 85

The Rocket went 22,000 miles into space and it's also 2 months 2 days before the NBA Finals begin. 

The Rockets lost tonight staying on 51 wins....Super Bowl 51...
NBA Finals begin on 152nd day of the year. 
Super Bowl LI=152
One Hundred Thirty One=107
Championship=131=Super Bowl
These stories are a big clue to the NBA Finals this year. 

Funny how the Bulls beat the Cavs tonight as well. Last year a big piece to the puzzle was Michael Jordan and it was connected to Houston. Houston was the team that won back to back NBA Finals in between the Chicago Bulls Two 3-peats. 
Chicago Bulls=112

In regards to 32 there has to be something connected to Magic Johnson. He's all about 32 and finished his career against the Rockets. Also when he became President of Operations traded Lou Williams to the Rockets. Magic became President of Operations on 2/2. I'm also thinking about how the Rockets beat Shaq in the NBA Finals when Shaq was on the Orlando MAGIC. Shaq faked being a Flat Earther....just got a statue dedicated to him...
Orlando Magic=112
SpaceX is located in Hawthorne, California which is close to Los Angeles and also in Los Angeles County. 
Possibly nothing but the Kennedy Space Center is pretty close to Orlando as well. 
The Rockets losing to the Blazers tonight also reminds me of # 22 Clyde Drexler who left the Blazers and then won the NBA Finals with the Rockets beating Shaq's Magic Team. 

In regards to college Basketball....Clyde Drexler's/Olajuwon's Houston(college) team made 2 straight Final Four Appearances and lost to North Carolina in 1982 and then to North Carolina State in 1983. 
How interesting with UNC in the Final Four this year....Also they won in the year 82'...which is the big number I talked about with Purdue and Michigan/Space theme. UNC playing the Eugene, Oregon team...Eugene Cernan... If you go back and look at my old posts..
Eugene Cernan=112 and was connected to a lot of 112. 
Eugene Andrew Cernan=309(reverse) and died 309 days(end date) after his 82nd Bday. 
North Carolina=203(reverse)
Of Course Michael Jordan played for North Carolina and the Blazers drafted bust Sam Bowie over him, and also the Rockets had the # 1 pick in Hakeem Olajuwon who played with Drexler in Houston.....think about the Space Theme though and Michael Jordan in regards to Space Jam. 
Literally the last 3 years have been connected to Space Jam. 
Space Jam=23, 32
Space Jam came out on 11/15/96...It's funny as this typically is the 319th day of the year but 96' was a leap year.  Remember Jordan's first game back after retiring was on 3/19 against the Pacers. 
I have done a lot of videos and what not on Jordan and Space Jam. Need to go back and look now lol as the Space Theme has really ramped up lately. 
Especially with Bill Murray as the 82nd prime is 421 which is connected to Prince/Queen Eliz/Valentines Day...Ghostbusters and the World Ending on Valentines 2016...Chicago St. Valentines Day Massacre...Michael Jordan Valentines Day stuff I've previously covered.  Denzel Valentine who is now a Chicago Bull made the game winner on Valentines Day a few years back with Michigan St.(Magic Johnson)... 

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