Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Reverse Gematria and how it's connected to my Uncle/Me and a lot of what I've been showing.

Look at that....I knew there was a bigger reason why I've been so curious about reverse gematria. It's connected to almost everything I have been talking about. 

Reverse Gematria=166
Barney Murphy=166
Dan Behrendt=95=Daniel Edward Behrendt
One Hundred Sixty Six=95, 257
I randomly asked my mom what my Uncle's bday was on January 5th and it was 166 days after his last bday. 
His death was in connection to my Grandpa and his brother. 
"Eugene Murphy"=166(reverse) and my uncle "Kelly Murphy"=166
I keep getting copyright claims on old videos involving my old Rap group. 
Chris Schwery=166(rapper and also Barney's nephew)
I found out my Uncle gave me the Marino Jersey at the Gold Slipper. 
The Gold Slipper=166
Off of the Gold Slipper Hwy also where we found my moms missing cat about 6 miles away from her house. This was after we checked out an orange cat at my Uncle Barney's house because of his wife Betty's Facebook picture. 
Missing Cat=114....my uncle dies on 1/14 which is also special to a lot of this...Nirvana/Flipper stuff and more.  
One Hundred Fourteen=95...also 257.
Daniel Behrendt=257(reverse)
One Hundred Sixty Six=95, 257
The Flintstones aired 166 episodes(Barney and Betty)
Flintstones based off the show the Honeymooners.

The date of 3/26 I keep getting shown is the day that Oblivion came out. 
Oblivion with the 166 on the drone at the last Super Bowl. 
Three Two Six=166
In 2016 Donald Trump's 70th bday on 6/14 was the 166th day of the year. 
It was also Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope. 
1,189 chapters in KJV. 
Donald J Trump=1189
Key of David=1,189 also 102(simple)
One Hundred Two=166

Lane Graves=166(reverse) boy ate by alligator which is synced to a lot of what I was saying in regards to my uncle among other things. I got the weird comment on the Lil Yachty post 166 days before the Super Bowl and more. 

Twin Towers=166
Secret Society=166

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