Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CNN article about Doug(Nickelodeon) Theme song-The Beets-Beat

I just got home from work and was scrolling through Facebook. The first and only thing I stopped and watched was this video someone had shared. It's a video saying that a mixture of mostly Beets will cure cancer in 42 hours. 
We know the significance of 42. 

Anyway the only reason I'm posting this is because I just went to CNN and on the headlines they have an article about the old Nickelodeon show "Doug". 
It just stands out to me, because I remember Doug's favorite band is the "Beets". This article talking about the BEAT. 
Beets=15, 51(regular) and 30, 84(reverse)

The article is just an interview with Fred Newman who did numerous voices on the show, but not Doug. 
Great Big Story=166
Fred Newman=49, 103...also 50, 167(reverse)

Who knows just figured I'd post it, as it seemed odd to me. 
Just throwing it out there, but every time I think of Doug I think of the song Banging on a Trashcan before anything else. 
Banging on a Trashcan=318(reverse)
Douglas Funnie=203(reverse)
Also I'm sitting here in the dark while Futurama plays on the TV because that's what my girlfriend always watches when she sleeps. 
Doug Funnie and Phillip Fry both voiced by Billy West. 
Billy West=53, 116(reverse)
Doug Funnie=53, 116(normal)

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