Thursday, March 23, 2017

Russell Westbrook first to be Perfect in Triple Double

Westbrook gets the first "Perfect" Triple Double. 
I'm not saying the Thunder will be in the Finals but interesting that the finals begin on 6/1 this year.
Seems something connected to 318 is the key this year. 

It's funny because I've been saying since before I knew Gematria Westbrook is prime for Triple doubles. 
His bday is 11/12.  111X2=222  Three 2's are Triple Doubles. 
Russell Westbrook=1112(Trigonal)
Triple Double=1112(Trigonal)
He went to "UCLA"=222(Sumerian) 
Oklahoma City=185(reverse) and 191(FB)
Triple Double=191(FB) and 185(reverse)

Most likely a clue to UCLA's outcome in the tournament as well. 
We just got the story of Lebron telling Lavar Ball to keep his kids names out of his mouth too. 

Oklahoma City Thunder=223
Today is 22/3. 
He did this against Philadelphia...yet again the team connected to the Warriors. 
Philadelphia Warriors=222 and 318(reverse)

Against the Sixers...then he shoots 6-6 Field Goals and 6-6 Free Throws.

He got his 35th triple double tonight too. Isn't it funny he started getting noticed for Triple Doubles after Durant got hurt in 2014? Durant wears # 35...
Funny thinking about it, last year a big thing I kept talking about was some guy yelling "Thirty Five Reverse" in the Warriors vs OKC game in which Prince attended. It makes more sense with a reverse theme going on. 
Thirty Five Reverse=234
Russell Westbrook=234 back to back...
If you go back and look this was all I kept talking about last year. 
Westbrook and Lavine won back to back at the All Star week stemming back to 2014-2015 when Durant was hurt and more. 
He's chasing Oscar Robertson's record for Triple Doubles. 
Oscar Robertson=234(FB)

Off Topic but....
This explains even more the connection to the Cavs and 223. 

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