Thursday, March 9, 2017

Michigan has to wear practice jerseys- Move on to play Purdue on 3/10/17

Michigan had to wear their practice jersey's in the game today because of the plane incident. They might have to wear them the whole Big 10 Tournament. 

Practice Jerseys=68
Michigan Basketball=68
Sixty Eight=56
Wolverines=56(reverse reduced)

Michigan also won today giving them a record of 21-11. 
Interesting as it connects to what I was talking about in regards to the Moon/Pi/Backwards Pi. 
The 318th prime number is 2111. 
The Miraculous catch of 153 fish is in John 21:11. 

With the Win today, Michigan now moves on to face Purdue...How bout dat? lol. Definitely gonna record this one while I'm at work tomorrow. 

Notice it's 13 days after the last time Michigan and Purdue played but this time Purdue is ranked # 13.
Michigan will be wearing the blue side of the jersey's. 
If Michigan Loses Beilein will get his 310th career loss on 3/10. 
It's also 33 days after his bday. 

Caleb Swanigan wears # 50
Tomorrow is 3+10+20+17=50

Tomorrow is also 116 days after the closest Super Moon on 11/14.
116 people on the Michigan plane. 
Austin Hatch's plane accident 116 days before his bday. 
Eugene Cernan died on 1/16. 

3/10 is also 142 days before the 46th anniversary of Apollo 15 landing on the moon. 

Just looking at the astronauts to walk on the Moon I see Charles Duke of Apollo 16 was born on 10/3 or 3/10... Similar to tomorrow's date. It's also 5 months 7 days after his bday. 
I think there is something significant in general with the APOLLO Missions. 
We'll see what happens. I might come back to this later if I get time to do some more research. 


  1. 33 days after Beilein's birthday. Michigans 33rd game of the season.
    He's looking for win number 503, today is 53 days after Cernan died.
    (Michigan scored 75 in their last game, seventy five = 53)
    John Beilein = 58. Eugene Cernan = 58.
    Thirty third = 69. 69th day of the year.
    (Purdue scored 69 in their last game)
    Michigan could get their 22nd win, twenty second = 50. 3/10/2017 = 50.
    Michigan conceded 55 in their last game. 55th prime is 25-7.
    Purdue's record would be 25-7 with a loss.
    Purdue conceded 65 in their last game. Seven = 65.
    Michigan scored 82 the last time they played purdue.
    Cernan died aged 82.
    Sorry it's not set out properly, not got any time to sort it out and look any further.

    1. Beilein did get win number 503 in that game. When he beat's Oregon tomorrow he'll be on 508, then he'll lose to Purdue and stay on 508.
      John beilein = 58. Eugene Cernan = 58.