Monday, March 20, 2017

Shaquille Oneal says the Earth is Flat-REVERSE Psychology-Kyrie Irving Lucid Dreams

So now Shaq says the Earth is flat too. 

Shaq has some interesting Gematria considering this article came out on 3/18. 
Flat Earth Theory=74
Masonic=74....Shaq also a freemason. 
Jesus=74... and so on. 
Three Hundred Eighteen=203
318 the number connected to God/Jesus. 
Jesus Christ=151
Of course Pi associated with Circles. 

I honestly have been trying to avoid this topic but it's seemingly becoming very mainstream. 
I honestly do not know if the Earth is flat or round. The only way I'm ever going to know is if I have the opportunity to try and go to space. 
That being said, it sure seems like a Psyop to me. It seems to me they really want people to be thinking about the Flat Earth. No matter if they are making fun of it on TV or not, they are getting more people to look into whether it is or not. 
People who think it is crazy might go online and change their mind about it too. 
It's REVERSE Psychology....Just thinking about how important the Reverse theme has been.....

Anyway I noticed in the above article they mentioned Kyrie Irving having Lucid Dreams too. He supposedly had one where Jordan McRae told him Goodbye and then was traded. Jordan Mcrae was a big piece to the Cavs winning last year as well. It was connected to the Chester Amtrak derailment going to Savannah, Georgia where McRae is from and so on...

Kyrie Irving Lucid Dream of Jordan McRae Article Link
Jordan Tyler McRae=74, 182
Flat Earth Theory=74, 182
Shaquille Oneal=74 (reduced reverse)
I also noticed: 
Shaq born on 3/6
Irving born on 3/23
McRae born on 3/28
March=25, 43
Not sure just noticed they were all born in March. 

I never posted this Blog post as I didn't finish it and then forgot about it. It's crazy though because I've really had a lot of Lucid Dreams in the past month or so too. I've had a few of in my life before when I was younger, but didn't think much of them. I honestly didn't even know they were called "Lucid Dreams" until I looked it up before starting this unfinished post.  

I'll try and finish this post and put it up eventually. I was trying to take a step back from all of this to maybe help clear my mind a bit. It really is impossible because if you just pay attention to your life events there are signs everyday. A "Ring" theme kept coming up and I even watched the movie "Rings" before I started realizing this theme in my life. The above picture is from the film "Arrival" that I watched too. Aliens use this ring Language which helps understand "Time" and a bunch more....of course....Saturn(Rings) the Keeper of time...

Just documenting another 166 too. 
Adam Silver=166(reverse)


  1. Isn't it interesting how the human mind doesn't focus on something when it's not aware of it? Could it be, strategic on the part of the gate keepers to keep this narrative going? Out of sight out of mind.

    1. I wonder why none of the intellectual please that im following will touch the flat earth it seems to me it's one of the most important truths there is maby it's the freemason greatest secret that the world is truly flat

  2. Off topic. How about a Florida v Purdue NCAA Championship.
    Purdue-Cernan-Apollo-Florida space centre-Kennedy. Cernan died 1 month 26 days before his birthday.
    1 month 26 days before kennedys birthday is 4/3. (Final date)
    I think purdue lose in the final. Kennedy died aged 46, purdue coach is 46.
    (Kennedy would be turning 100 in 2017. Sum of divisors of 100 = 217.)
    First man on the moon landed in 1969, the only time purdue made the championship was in 1969 (runners up)
    As for the florida gators, we've had plenty lately, airport shooting (close to a space theme) and they say an alligator killed a boy on June 14th.
    June 14th was 293 days before 4/3. That's the 62nd prime.
    Superbowl 51 total was 62, maybe big sports events give us clues to the next one.
    If Florida win it all their record will be 30-8. Florida = 38.

    1. 79th NCAA tournament. Seventy nine = 53. John Kennedy = 53. It's 53 years since he died.
      4/3 - 5/29 is 56 days. 56th prime is 263. Matthew curtis painter = 263 and 92.
      Also 9 months 2 days between painters birthday and kennedys.