Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Death of David Rockefeller-some other thoughts possibly interrelated

First thing I want to point out is today's date. 
20/3...The number connected to Pi, Jesus...318..
Jesus Christ=203(Francis Bacon)
He dies age 101...the 26th prime number is 101. 

He dies 282 days(end date) after his 101st bday. 
David Rockefeller=282(reverse)
David Rockefeller=78, 150

I also noticed that he was born on 6/12 which leaves 202 days in the year. 
David Rockefeller=202(Francis Bacon)
A while back I mentioned some other 202's in regards to March 26th that seems to be important. 
March Twenty Sixth=202(reverse)
March Twenty Sixth Two Thousand Seventeen=202(reduced ksv)

3 months 26 days after 3/26(end date) is the 202nd day of the year..July 21st. 
I just realized this to..or at least had the thought back up...but that is also Zach's bday. A big thing in regards to 3/26 also stemmed back to some weird things happening to me in regards to Gabriel and Zechariah and Dan. 
July 21st also the day Neil Armstrong supposedly first walked on the Moon. 
Skull and Bones=202(reverse)
Phi Beta Kappa Society=202(simple)
End of the World=202(reverse)... 
The Star Spangled Banner written 202 years ago. 
Dan Behrendt=202(reverse)

He dies 84 days before his bday or 2 months 23 days. 
United States of America=84 and a lot more 84 in regards to American History....
Masonic=223....the reverse of 322(skull and bones)

 David Rockefeller and George H.W. Bush share the bday of June 12th. So interesting in regards to Skull and Bones as well. 
Skull and Bones=41....the 41st president...
Islamic State=41

Bush the guy who gave the New World Order speech on 9/11/90. 
World Trade Centers 110 stories tall. Proposed and approved by a Rockefeller.  
Osama Bin Laden=110
Hwy 110 next to the Pentagon. 

I think the flat earth stuff is interrelated into all of this as well. Columbus supposedly discovered the "New World". 
New World=166

Interesting 10/12 to 3/26 is 166 days too. 
10/12 the day Columbus supposedly discovered the New World. 
I wonder if we are soon to get a mind blowing discovery... The New World Order maybe can't happen until we discover the New World....if that makes sense to anyone. 
Reverse Gematria=166
All of the reverse findings and reverse being a big thing, makes it seem as though there is a plan to reverse life...Go back to the Old World Order that's really just the same Order...lol I really hope that makes sense I just can't put to words right now what I'm thinking. Just thoughts I've had for a while figured I'd post them here as they fit to David Rockefeller's death theme. 
3/20 is the 79th day..

The last surviving grandchild of John D. Rockefeller...John D died 79 years ago on 5/23/1937. 
David's Brother Nelson also died in 1979. He was the 41st Vice President. He died 41 years before John D. 

Flat Earth Theory=79(red. rev)
Seventy Nine=152
Flat Earth=152(reverse)

Another reason I think it's in connection to the Flat Earth stuff is because March 20th is also the day that Isaac Newton died as well. Heliocentric=203(reverse)
Remember Pizzagate was at COMET Ping Pong too. Pizza the Flat Circle....all of this stuff relating back to PI.... Ping Pong balls are Round, I'm pretty sure they are interrelated. 
I never really posted much about Pizzagate either, but I guarantee there is a Forrest Gump joke in all of it..In the Book Forrest even goes to Space...Jenny gets molested...
Child Sex Ring=132

There has to be a connection in this to Jay Z as well. Beyonce having Twins(twin towers). Roc a Fella Records. 
Jay Z=202(satanic)
Shawn Corey Carter=79
They got together after the song "03 Bonnie and Clyde". 
Warren Beatty-Faye Dunaway messing up at the Oscars-Bonnie and Clyde-Space Moon theme. 
Forrest Gump in the book even goes to see Bonnie and Clyde with Jenny. 
Bonnie and Clyde died on 5/23/1934...so 3 years exactly before John D. Rockefeller. 

I've also been thinking for a while that we might get the deaths of Bush Sr. and Jimmy Carter soon as they will both be 93 years old in 2017. ....Gerald Ford died age 93...Ronald Reagan died age 93...

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