Thursday, March 23, 2017

Some Interesting phrases and words I found in Gematria last night-Universal Code-Royal Family

I've been finding some very interesting things in regards to Satanic and Reverse Gematria tonight. 

I always talk about how I think there is a Universal Code that exists and freemasons and alike have a better understanding of it. 

Universal Code=77, 203(reverse methods)
How interesting both the numbers connected to Jesus. 
Second Coming=203(reverse)
Funny I got another mean message today on my Gabe Rygaard video. 
Gabriel Martin Rygaard=203(simple)

He died 191 days before 3/26. 
Return of Jesus=191
Society of Jesus=191
I put the video on the Society of Jesus' Anniversary. 
Julius Caesar=191(reverse)

Barack Hussein Obama=323(reverse)
Mic Drop=323(satanic)
Giving us a clue for Trump clear back then. 
Donald John Trump=185
Julius Caesar=185(Reverse)....died in 44BC....Trump the 44th person to be president? 

King James=404(satanic)
When Pope Francis came to America is was 404 years after the KJV came out in 1611. 
He arrived at 4:04pm. 
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
There are 404 verses in the book of revelation. 
He finished his trip in Philadelphia, which is also mentioned in revelation. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=1611(Jewish)
Prince Charles=404(Jewish)
Queen Camilla=404(Jewish)
Before the Super Bowl I kept mentioning how my Dan Marino jersey was significant. 
Dan Marino=404(Satanic)
Dan Quinn=404(Jewish)

Four Hundred Four=211(reverse)
Sixty Six Books=211(Ordinal)
Six Hundred Sixty Six=211(reverse)

Sixty Six Books=666(satanic)
Satanic Gematria=666(Satanic)

JFK shot at 411 Elm St...the whole thing connected to Freemasonry. 

A lot of death's connected to 213. 

Society of Jesus=191
Elizabeth II=191(Reverse)

Angel Gabriel=513(Satanic)
Remember 166 days is also sometimes 5 months 13 days. 
What Obama said on Snapchat added to 513.  It was a date I kept mentioning last year...
Jesus Returns March Twenty Sixth=166(reverse)

Fitting for the Pi theme and the Superbowl last year. 

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