Thursday, March 30, 2017

Interesting Bday Connections with my Band Members

I just got on Facebook and noticed the drummer in my band posted something. Anyway it made me look into if we had any connections or not. 

I noticed Pat(guitar/singer) was born the same day as my Uncle Barney. So the 318 connection and also 110 days before my bday on 11/10...similar to 110. 
Pat's been one of my good friends for probably 15 to 20 years, but he's originally from Turin, Iowa and moved to Dunlap later. 
Turin is where Hwy 37 ends and turns into Hwy 175 in which my Uncle died just before getting on....175 days after his bday...The Town he would've made it too has the high school mascot the Falcons...
Turin, Iowa.....reminds me of the Shroud of Turin. 

Jesse's(drummer) bday is 11 months 10 days before my bday on 11/10. 
Also 12/1...."Daniel Behrendt"=121

I don't currently see any connections in Gematria but interesting in regards to our bdays. 
Our Band has 2 different names.

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