Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Michigan in same Bracket section as Purdue and Louisville-Moon-Creighton-Miami-Nevada-ISU

Look how the bracket is set up in the tournament this year 2017.
If Michigan and Louisville win Round 1 they will meet up for the first time since 2013 championship game. The one where Purdue player Spike Albrecht got noticed in. 

Something I never noticed about the 2013 championship though is that after Michigan lost their record became 31-8. 
The game played on 4/8...Remember there's a big connection to 318, 1114, 48 all to the Moon. 

Michigan just won the Big 10 Tournament on 3/12 which was a Full Moon day. They beat Wisconsin. Think about it...The Cheese State...The Moon is made of Cheese(not actually). 
It was also played in Washington DC too where Trey Burke now plays alongside John WALL. 
In the previous Michigan game vs Minnesota the announcers said Beilein told them to build a wall and laughed. They said he's not the only one who wants to build a wall in Washington. 

The history of the Moon being made of cheese goes back to a story about a Fox outsmarting a Wolf in regards to the Moonlight. 

Funny Purdue is also in the same part of the Bracket as Michigan. Who knows...I wonder if we will see another rematch of Michigan and Purdue? 
It might even fall on 3/26 that day I keep saying seems special. 

This section has got a lot of stuff I've been thinking about in it. 
Creighton where my Uncle died age 63, 63 days(end date) before Creighton plays on 3/17. 
Miami who is 21-11 going into the tournament. 
2111 the 318th prime. Plus all the Miami connections I've mentioned for months all connected to my Uncle and more. 
Also Nevada which is where Colin Kaepernick played, Donald Trump evacuated in Reno, Janet Reno, Plane Crash in Reno and more...
Nevada playing ISU which is only interesting as I know a ton of ISU fans including the owner of the store I work at. 

I'm just really interested in how it all plays out. 

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  1. Dan, If Purdue were to meet Michigan,

    It would be on March 26th. And it would mean Purdue knocked off Kansas in the Sweet 16.

    Also notice, this year is the 16th year anniversary of the Oklahoma State plane crash. (Fitting they get Michigan in the 1st round, after their plane crash).