Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Gematria..166

Sitting here finally listening to the Gematria effect and realized it's now St. Patrick's Day. 
St. Patrick's Day=166

Everyone wears Green on St. Patrick's day. 
St. Patrick's Day=49
St. Patrick's Day=86(red. reverse)
Actually I didn't take a screen shot but..
St. Patricks Day=76(KSV)
It falls on the 76th day of the year. 

In regards to 166 that I keep mentioning since the death of my uncle, my mom told me something interesting yesterday. I'm not sure if it's 100 percent true but interesting my mom told me this a few days ago. She told me not to tell anyone lol but hell it's not like anyone I know actually reads this blog anyway. 

She told me that she heard my uncle left all of his money to his nieces and nephews on the Murphy side. I'm definitely not banking on this because most likely it won't even be true lol. The reason I'm posting it is because of the numbers involved in what my mom said. 
She said she thinks he was worth about 3 million dollars, and it would be divided up between the 18 grand kids. 
318 huh? 
Also 3 million divided by 18 just so happens to be $166,666.666
Barney Murphy=166
Along with all the other 166's I mentioned around him. 
I just keep thinking about how my mom also misspelled his name when I asked her what his full name was 166 days after his bday. 
Three Million Dollars=95
One Hundred Sixty Six=95

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