Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spear of Destiny-Skull and Crossbones-Time-Jesus

The spear that Jesus was stabbed with to make sure he was dead....
Spear of Destiny=666(satanic)
Longinus=666(Sumerian) Supposedly the Soldier to stab him. 

The other numbers are interesting as well. 
Skull and Bones=202

I thought I read a long time ago the Crossbones is supposedly to represent the broken legs that were done during crucifixion...although this never happened to Jesus. 
Jesus crucified on Skull Hill(Golgotha) 
I can no longer find where I read about the broken legs though. 
Interesting as we just got the story of Jesus' Tomb being reopened on 3/22. 

Jesus of Nazareth=1776(Jewish)
Makes even more sense why the nations independence is 7/4 and so on....

 X is times in Multiplication. 
Skull and Crossbones=61

The kingdom of heaven is within you....
X Rays/Raise....raising the Cross....see inside yourself. 
I made a video in regards to this a long time ago...It involved Rontgen Rays and more...

Poison=88(skull and bones)
Pirates=88 (jolly roger...skull and bones)
88 a number in regards to time as well. 88mph and so on.

I find it interesting too....Jesus H Christ=93(H Exception)
Saturn=93...the keeper of Time. 

So I'm typing this up and my phone just beeped like I had a notification 3 times. I looked at my phone and I have zero new notifications or messages.  Of course the time was 3:26pm. 

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  1. Great info! The crossbones also represent the way the pharaohs, and later on, how the Templars were buried. They had their legs crossed, probably in honor of Saturn/El/Ptah, but that's just my hunch.

    The 666 coding on Longinus and Spear of Destiny are big clues. Thanks!