Friday, March 17, 2017

Michigan beats Oklahoma State 92-91- A possible hint in the 91-92 season(Fab Five-Duke)

So we know the Michigan Plane Wreck story was giving us a clue in this tournament. 
March Madness=46, 64
Michigan=46, 64

In a previous post someone had mentioned how Michigan is playing OK State in the 1st round. OK State also involved in a plane crash in 2001. 
Now Michigan is going on to play Louisville for the first time since losing in 2013 in the championship game. 
In the previous post I mentioned the Big 10 tournament being in Washington DC which is where former Michigan player Trey Burke plays. He was on the Michigan team that lost to Louisville. I later mentioned the Fab 5, but I didn't mention how Chris Webber played for the Washington Bullets....Anyway long story short the score of Michigan's game today has me wondering a few things...
91-92....This might be hinting at the 91-92 Season in which the Fab 5 lost to Duke. 
We'll see more after the Duke game today if we get more clues. 

I also just got home from work and Creighton is getting whooped but they keep telling us about Rhode Island's coach who is the brother of Bobby Hurley. 

Dan Hurley turned 44 years old the same day Eugene Cernan died. 

Lamar Odom also at this game as he was playing for Rhode Island the last time they won a game in the tournament in 1998. 
Odom born on 11/6......Dan Hurley born on 1/16. 
Rhode Island a 11 seed just beat Creighton the 6 seed. 

We will see, but I wonder if this is possibly giving us a clue for Duke winning this year or possibly seeing a rematch of Duke and Michigan in the finals? Or will we see Rhode Island against Michigan or something. Not gonna make any predictions because I haven't looked enough into it and don't have time to really look in depth. I'm just curious about it. 

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