Thursday, March 9, 2017

Cash Me Ousside Girl Danielle Bregoli's False Hacked Instagram

I'm literally so tired of of seeing this girl on social media, so I figured I'd look into her more. 
On March 7th there was this article about her Instagram being Hacked and a bunch of people commenting how it was the Illuminati lol. 
Seriously how can anyone in the world actually believe this whole Dr. Phil show wasn't an act? Have they never watched Maury? Jerry Springer? It's just so ridiculous. It reminds me of the people who pay money voting for people on American Idol type shows and believe the stories about them. Why does every person on American Idol have a Sob story?..Because it's part of the show and it keeps people involved and paying money. 
Instagram Hacked Link
Here is a link to the article. Basically they made it seem as though her account was hacked and she might be a sacrifice. In the End it was all a Publicity stunt for a music video. 

Hacked by Glassface. 
Sacrifice=46, 73
Her account hacked on 7/3 or 3/7. 
Catch Me Outside How about That=102

She was first on Dr. Phil on September 14th 2016. Then on again on Feb. 10th 2017. 
Feb 10th is 10/2 or 2/10. 

Notice she was on the show again 149 days after her original appearance on 14/9. 

Notice her Facebook account was launched on 1/30. 
Danielle Bregoli=130

Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli=130(s exception)
Notice her bday of 3/26...A day I keep mentioning seems significant. 

Notice they say it was the Illuminati because of the Triangle. 
Danielle Bregoli=86(reverse red)
Her 13th bday was also on the 86th day of the year. 

Face Security Group=86

The story about her hacking comes 19 days before her bday. 

It makes sense she was just back on Dr. Phil on Feb. 10th too. 
The 41st day of the year. 
The story comes 19 days before her 14th bday. 
Forty One=46=Sacrifice

She's Jewish. Her father is a Palm Beach County Police Officer...Enough Said. 


  1. Great post! Thanks for finding the TRUTH about this FRAUD. You really nailed it about Dr. Phil et al. -- nothing but a staged circus to steer (& titillate) the Dumbed Down Masses.

    I knew this had to be a hoax -- but the info you dug up put the icing on the cake.
    Now it's crystal clear that this was also some of the most blatant RACIST programming I've seen in a while ... nothing more than a Modern, LINGUISTIC Version of Vaudevillian "BLACKFACE"... Served up as Over-The-Top MOCKERY.

    And of course, THAT aspect of this "performance" flew right over the heads of the masses --
    Of ALL Races -- who played right along with this little "Inside Joke".

    Thanks again for putting out the TRUTH about this Opportunistic Zionist Ho ... !! ;D