Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Patriots Vs Panthers Superbowl Fifty (Short Post)

Sorry very short post. Got to go to bed in a few, just found this interesting because of all the 151 I've been mentioning in the last few days. 

Patriots vs Panthers Superbowl Fifty=151 


  1. I like the blog, and looking fwd to more great Gematria from you!

    Not sure I dig the SB prediction though. It seems if we're gonna go by popular numbers - nothing beats 144.

    Broncos VS Cardinals Super Bowl Fifty =144.

    Personally, I think it will be Broncos vs Panthers with the Broncos winning it all.

  2. Oh it's all good. I didn't mean for this post to be a prediction. I already screwed that up by all the Chiefs crap. I've just been seeing 151 a lot in the last few posts thought I'd share that. I actually typed in the rest of the combinations early this morning and noticed that 144 too lol. Just didn't have time to post anything. Thanks man. This prediction has been the hardest for me compared to other sports. There was so much 50 around the Chiefs I really thought they would at least make the SB.

  3. Chiefs didn't work out, but I'm still into all your Earthquake connects - thats very much in play.

    One Five One =660. NFL =66. Fifty =66. Elway =66.