Friday, January 15, 2016

Death of Davis Margulies Ace Ventura Minnesota Vikings Missed FG in Playoffs 91

David Margulies=64, 145

Chicago, Illinois=145
Barack Hussein Obama=64
Obama and Lincoln only presidents politically out of Illinois.

Margulies was in Ghostbusters and also Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

Ghostbusters II=191
Ninety One=49, 121
Valentines=49, 121
The beginning of Ghostbusters II the lady tells Bill Murray an alien told her the world will end on Valentines Day 2016.  
Bill Murray=131  Superbowl=131

This is the meme going around about Vikings kicker Blair Walsh.
It's making fun of the Ace Ventura movie. Margulies died the day after Walsh missed this field goal which is also the day the Meme became popular.

Ray Finkle=47, 56, 101
Ace Ventura=38, 56, 110
Philadelphia=101, 65
Miami, Florida=65, 110 (Setting in Ace Ventura Movie)
Interesting too.  Vikings=91  A number that has been around Elimination.
Pierson El Demornay=91 (Nebraska Player injured)
Cameron Wake # 91 of Miami Dolphins Tore Achilles. Dan Marino who is Ace Ventura also tore his achilles at one point playing for the Dolphins.
Vincent Roy Margera=91  (Don Vito died in November)
Paris Terrorist Attacks=91  Zionist Conspiracy=91
Carsten Charles Sabathia Jr=91
Chicago Cubs=91
 Newton=91  as well. So we'll see what comes about with Cam Newton.

Blair Walsh also associated with the number 56.
His longest FG in College was 56 yards
He wears # 3.

His Longest NFL FG is also 56 yards.
Interesting  he missed a 47 yard FG to lose against the Seahawks and being compared to
 Ray Finkle=47
Finkle is Einhorn=168
Athens Assassin=168  (Blair Walsh's Nickname)

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