Saturday, January 16, 2016

So I was wrong about the Chiefs winning. I should have known better because of the 56 connections and also because of the Chicago Cubs not making it to the World Series although they were Super coded. I talked about the Cubs losing because of the numbers being a Mirror. 
Chicago Cubs=91  Mirror=91  The Cubs also were coded to I Pet Goat II where Obama Winks at 1:06. The Curse of the Billy Goat was at the game on 10/6/ 1945. Cubs hadn't made it to the World Series for 106 seasons. This year became 107, so it seemed fitting they would make the World Series. 
The Chiefs were absolutely coded to the # 50. Chiefs=50  Started Season off 1-5.  One and Five=50 First game of the their Streak the beat "Pittsburg"=50 Qualified for Playoffs in "Week Sixteen"=50  San Francisco=50 Superbowl I=50. Smith played for "Utah"=50 Charles hurt age 29 and wears 25. Twenty Nine=50 Twenty Five=50 Return of Eric Berry this Year. Berry # 29 Alex Smith was even 29/50 passes in this Patriots game.  Much More 50 coding yet they still didn't make Superbowl 50. 
The Patriots vs Chiefs game was looking like Patriots all the way by Halftime.  
I had previously talked about the 11 connections and that's why I thought Chiefs would win. 
The Patriots 2 scoring drives in the first half were both 11 plays. The 2nd 11 play drive even put them up by 11 points. 
They even showed they were 11-1 leading at halftime in Gillette Stadium. 
Julian Edelman # 11 is back for this game. 
Eleven=27 the Score Patriots won with. 

Watch The Video Above.  It's when I knew for sure the Chiefs would lose. 
On Alex Smith's 27th pass Avant made an amazing catch with 7:27 left. 
Last time Chiefs Played/Beat the Patriots was on 
It was the mirrors. Chiefs won last time Patriots won this time. 
Also the most rigged play I've ever seen was later on this drive. Keep in mind it would've been the Chiefs 12th win in a row. 
Avant caught the ball on the 12 yard line. The announcers say there is a flag back at the 21. The penalty moved the ball to the 10 yard line instead of 12.  Ten=12 The Penalty was on # 72 of Patriots.   Next play # 12 Albert Wilson catches a TD pass giving the Chiefs 12 points. It also made the score 12-21. There was 2:12 left on the clock. Also the Mirror the Patriots winning the Superbowl last year. Russell Wilson threw his 21st pass on 2nd and 1. It was intercepted by # 21 Butler who went to the ground with 21 seconds left. It let Tom Brady # 12 win. 
The Chiefs Drive today was also 12 plays for 80 yards. 80 Has been connected to 91.
Danny Amendola # 80 for Patriots had a huge impact on this game. He even used to # 16 for the Rams. 
Roseburg, Oregon=80
Roseburg shooting happened on Jimmy Carter's 91st Bday on 10/1. 
Carter's Grandson died 80 days later on December Twentieth=80
Chiefs had no chance of winning when clock was at 1:01 in 4th. Because # 11 Edelman caught a crazy pass to get first down. 1:01 is 11. Philadelphia=101. 
12/20 Miss Universe where Steve Harvey messed up. 80 contestants in it. He messed up and had to REVERSE the Winner. 
King Charles III=80, 134 (Pats record now 13-4)
Andy Reid=80 in his 17th season Seventeen=109(Another bad # recently)
Lawrence Phillips=80

Final Score of this game was 20-27. 
Forty Seven=50
Last time Chiefs played/beat Patriots was 474 days ago. 
Also the Chiefs won their first game of the Season against the Texans. The score was 27-20. 
So Chiefs won 1st game of season 27-20 and lose last game of season 20-27. (The Mirrors)
Chiefs finished Season 12-6.  1 month 26 days is 56 days. 
May 6th or 5/6 is the 56th day of the year. 
Andrew Reid=56
Chiefs Established 56 years ago. 
Chief Regular Season Record of 11-5.  November 5th is 56 days left in year. 
Joe Montana born in 1956. He also didn't make Superbowl for Chiefs. 
Paris France=56
Saddam Hussein=56
Osama Bin Laden=56
Adolf Hitler=56
Abe Lincoln died age 56 in 65' He died in Washington DC=56 in April=56. 
Black lives matter=56
Climate Change=56
Syed Farook=56
Ronda Rousey=56 (12th fight)
Much more. Don Vito born in 1956. Just died. 


  1. Who is a Lock for today? In your opinion code wise? Shawn

  2. Sorry I'm at work. I wasn't sure about the Panthers game but I see they are winning 31-0 at halftime. That really makes me wonder now about the Steelers winning today as well. Steelers=31 it's the 31st time they have played the Broncos. Alabama=31. It sure seems to be a dominant number. Although Houston=31 and they lost, but they lost on Alex Smiths 31st win as a Chief and more 31's for the Chiefs in that game then Houston. I shouldn't do it, but I say Steelers probably win today. It seems unrealistic though with Antonio Brown out and Roethlisberger not 100 percent. Steelers are also connected to the Batman movie with Hines Ward # 86 (Which could be a 85-86' Bears reference) I watched a video on ESPN on the Steelers page last night and the AD was for a movie can't think of the name. It's about a Ship wreck or something. They said in the trailer "There's a Storm Coming" like in the Batman movie. Who knows though. It will probably be Broncos now that I said Steelers lol but I was so locked on the Chiefs I didn't take much time looking into some of these other teams as in depth.