Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More Back to the Future Superbowl 50 Bears coding

I was wrong in picking the Chiefs for Superbowl 50, but I was absolutely correct on the coding they were using for it. The only reason I picked the Chiefs was because of their connections to the Bears.  
The Bears were the Team to win the Superbowl in 1986. It was 91 days after the Royals won the World Series in 1985.  Royals won on October 27th, 1985 the same day the Back to the Future series ends. Marty even has KC on his truck grill. 

Royals won again this year(2015) and it was coded to Back to the Future so I thought for sure this years Superbowl will be coded to it as well. 
Especially considering Back To the Future III goes to 1885 which is 131 years ago.(1885-2016)They use Train 131 to push the Delorean.   
Superbowl=131  Also other things I've covered in previous videos/posts. 
Jamaal Charles got hurt in the "Week Five"=86 game against the Bears this year. 86 a reference to SB 20 in 1986. 
 I thought maybe he was a "Sacrifice"=46  and the Chiefs would have to use their Defense to win the Superbowl like the Bears in 1986. 

Bears won using revolutionary 46 defense. They even scored 46 points. 
Levi's Stadium=46
Chiefs haven't won a Superbowl in 46 years. 
It's the 46th modern era Superbowl. 
Superbowl 50 is on 2/7   Twenty Seven=46
Chiefs beat the Texans on 1+9+20+16=46
There was a lot to this. The Chiefs were also coded to the #'s 31 and 50 like crazy. Superbowl 50...and 31 years ago was 1985. 
Marty Mcfly=46  even. 
What I didn't realize at the time was how much some of the other teams were coded to 1985/86' Bears as well, but I for sure knew it was going to be about the Bears because of Back to the Future and the World Series. I didn't even think about the Panthers being 15-1 like the 1985 Bears and having a coach Ron Rivera who was a player on the 1985 Bears team until I had already put my emphasis on the Chiefs. 

Anyway a Few extra things I thought of at work today. 

When Marty first arrives in 1885 he parks the Delorean in a Cave. He then gets chased by the Bear and throws his boots for the bear. 
Boots=71  Superbowl Fifty=71

Marty also pretends to be Clint Eastwood. Eastwood even born in San Francisco and is 85 years old. Also he was born on 151st day of the year. 151 keeps showing up around the Earthquake theme I previously mentioned.  The last major East Coast Earthquake happened at 1:51 it was a 5.8.  Valentines Day=151 Jesus Christ=151 much more. See my Happy Gilmore Post. 

The only movie Eastwood had in 1985 was Pale Rider.
Just interesting with the Broncos being the White Horse/Pale Horse. 

In the last post I talked about how the story is also connected to Batman..The Dark Knight Rises. Especially the Football scene where the field collapses. 
Marty Mcfly's mother is Lorraine BAINES-Mcfly. Interesting she was also born on the 151st day of the year. 
Denver, Colorado=151
Panthers finished regular season 15-1. 
Batman Vs. Superman is 1 hour 51 minutes long
1 hour 51 minutes is also 111 minutes. 

May 31st 2016 however is the 152nd day of the year.  
Levis Stadium=152 
The Patriots final drive against the Broncos was with 1:52 in the 4th. 
There were others I noticed with 152 but I didn't write them down. I'll add them if I think of them at a later date. 

We also got this story on Espn that Panthers coach Ron Rivera banned Hoverboards inside the Facility. He didn't want them to start a fire and also didn't want anyone to get hurt. Article even mentions Cam Newtons car wreck on 12/9/14. 

Cam Newton born on 131st day of the year and Pro Bowl is on 1/31 2016.  I wonder if he will even play in the Pro Bowl though?
Newton=91.   I've seen this number with elimination so there is a chance he may get hurt. If he does I still wouldn't count the Panthers out of this game. I'm just wondering if this is possible foreshadowing him getting hurt before or during the Superbowl. 
They could still win with their Defense like the Bears. 

The Panthers also play in Charlotte, North Carolina. Early in 2015 we saw a lot of 52 coding and Princess Charlotte was born on 5/2. I talked about how it's connected to 52 year old Michael Jordan who owns the Charlotte Hornets. Michael Jordan also connected to Chicago. 5/2 is the 122nd day. San Francisco=122 
Interesting there is this rapper from Chicago named DeLorean. 
Not sure how famous he is, but he always comes up on my feed and has over 3 million "Likes" on his page. 

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