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The Death of Grizzly Adams actor Dan Haggerty connecting to Happy Gilmore Foreshadowing Earthquake Superbowl Bears Theme

Actor who portrayed Grizzy Adams died on January 15th 2016. 

Dan Haggerty=56, 110. Another Bad 56. 

I've recently been talking a lot about the Kansas City Chiefs and how they were coded to the 1985-86 Chicago Bears. There are other teams connected to them as well, so I was on the right track just didn't get it quite right. It's all connected to Back the Future II and III. 2015 was the year the Cubs were supposed to win the World Series but Royals won. Royals also won in 1985 the day Back to the Future III ends.  The Bears won Superbowl XX 91 days later on 1/26/1986. Matt Barnes also in the news again recently. He is a Memphis Grizzly. Grizzlies=131 

So anyway isn't it interesting that the guy who played Grizzly Adams would die 1 day before the Chiefs lost to the Patriots? Grizzy Adams was known for training Bears in California. 

The # 31 has been all over the 2016 NFL playoff games. I just realized California is the 31st state. Founded 9/9/1850. 
9+9+18+50=86  Bears won Superbowl in 1986. 
It's where Superbowl 50 will be played. California's official state Animal is the Grizzly Bear. 
Montana, West Virginia and New Mexico also have a Bear.
The Bear drawing on California's Flag was an illustration by Charles Nahl based on Grizzly Adams life. 
Charles Nahl died on March 1st. 1878.  Another 31  3/1. 
Charles Nahl= 47, 56, 101.  Just like Chip Kelly=47,56,101

The First Thing I thought of when I heard "Grizzly Adams"  Died was the Film "Happy Gilmore". 
Happy Gilmore=145, 73.   Chicago, Illinois=145 Dan Haggerty died age 73. 

Right After Chubbs dies. Shooter McGavin Says "Yeah and Grizzly Adams had a Beard". Then the guy in the picture above says, "Grizzly Adams Did have a Beard". I've always wondered what exactly was the point of this line in the movie. It makes more sense to me now. 

So First off the guy who plays "Chubbs" is Carl Weathers. 
Carl Weathers interesting his name is Weathers because coding him could deal with the Weather. Hurricane..Earthquake what not. 

Carl Weathers though is also Apollo Creed in the Rocky Films. The Rocky Films that take place in Philadelphia. A place I have mentioned being foreshadowed for the last half of 2015.  
He dies in Rocky IV on August 31st 1985. This 1985 keeps coming up. Back to the Future ends and Begins in 1985. 1985 Bears. 
The worst ever recorded East Coast Earthquake was also on August 31st but 1886. (86) It was 99 years before in Charleston, SC. 
Charleston also where the Civil War Began. 
August 31st is the 243rd day with 122 remaining. It's mirror day is May 2nd(5/2) the 122nd day with 243 remaining. 
The 52nd prime number is 239 and we are in the 239th year of the US. Think Apollo Creed...He's super Patriotic. 
Apollo Creed=52
Carl Weathers=52
Weathers was also a former Oakland Raider in 1970 and 1971. 
Oakland=31 in San Francisco Bay Area where Superbowl Fifty=71 is being played. 
On November 25th 2015 the Film "Creed" was also just released. Rocky has CANCER in the movie. We've been seeing a lot of Celebrity Cancer deaths recently. Obama just talked about curing cancer. Cancer=44 Obama the 44th president. Ran on Hope=44 Chemo=44. 

Happy Gilmore is not a golfer. He's a "Hockey"=31 player. 
31 years ago is also 1985. 
Happy's favorite hockey team is the Boston Bruins. He wears multiple jerseys throughout the film as well. 
A Bruin is a Brown Bear. There's got to be a connection to Jack Nicklaus as well being a famous golfer nicknamed the Golden Bear. 

Happy also fakes a Power Outage to try and get on Virginia Venit. Just stands out considering all the Blackout stuff. Cam Newton even said the played "Lights Out"=131 Superbowl=131. The power went out in Superbowl 47. The TV power went out during the World Series. It came back on after the 47th pitch. The Hotels.com commercial foreshadowing Paris and Blackout dates. There was a blackout at the Whitehouse on 4/7 2015. Blackout at the Whitehouse. Obama is Black....

They even put a 99 reference in the movie.  Happy gets pranked to go to the 9th green at 9pm. It's when the sprinklers come on. He comes back in and Virginia Venit says, "Oh you fell for the 9th green at 9 trick"?  So Apollo Creed dies exactly 99 years after the worst East Coast Earthquake ever recorded. Adam Sandler's Birthday just so happens to be 9/9/ 1966. 9/9/2015 is the day Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning British/English Monarch ever. 9/9 Julian is also 9/23 Gregorian. Also 9/9 is the 252nd day. the 25 52 mirrors. 

Right before Chubbs dies, Happy finally learns how to Putt at the Putt Putt Golf Course. This is the Course he finally finds his happy place and learns how to putt. "EARTHQUAKE"? What an interesting course to finish on. The picture isn't the greatest but he also makes his putt 1:07 into the movie. Earthquake=107. The movie is 131:55 long.  So not quite 131 minutes just shy of 132.  One Hundred Thirty One=107. Also look at the building that fell over. It has the CUBE on the top. I looked at the Skylines of San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia. The building that looks the closest to the building in the picture is the Comcast Center in Philadelphia.  Happy also beats Shooter at the End of the movie when he Birdies the 18th hole giving him a -6.  Shooter has a -5. 
65?   Philadelphia=65

Above is San Francisco. No Cube on Top of Building.

Above is Chicago. No Cube on Top of Building. 

 This is Comcast Center in Philadelphia. It has the Cube on top, but doesn't have the Antenna like in the movie. Interesting though it's the only one with a Cube on it in the 3 Cities I keep seeing foreshadowed. I've talked about this building before as well. 

Philly Sports were under the Curse of Billy Penn too until the Comcast Center was built. The Curse started because buildings in Philadelphia were built taller than the Statue of William Penn. The Comcast Center had a Statue of William Penn sitting on it's final Beam. The curse ended in 2008 when the Phillies won the World Series. 

The Comcast Center is 975 feet tall. The William Penn Statue from the Curse is 548 feet tall. That means the Comcast Center 427 feet taller. The Comcast Center opened on 6/6/2008. 
I mentioned in a video about the possible start date of WWIII being on 8/12/16.  8/12 or 12/8.  William Penn=128  Pennsylvania founded by him on 12+12+17+87=128.  
6/6/2008 to 8/12/16 is span of 427 weeks. 
The Comcast Center is also  58 stories tall.  Which really stick out because Earthquakes especially the last 3 biggest East Coast Earthquakes are surrouned by the number 58 and 85.  

Earthquake=44, 107  Shooter McGavin tells VIRGINIA his jacket size is 44.  
The last biggest Earthquake to be felt in Philadelphia was the 2011 VIRGINIA Earthquake. It was a 5.8  and happened at 1:51 pm. 
Jesus Christ=151  Valentines Day=151 Abraham Lincoln died 151 years ago on 4/15/16. Interesting too the film Creed came out 51 days before Dan Haggerty died.  Also Dan Haggerty died on 15/1 or 1/15. "January Fifteenth Two Thousand Sixteen"=151
The next worse East Coast Earthquake was the Cornwall-Massena Earthquake in 1944. It was also a 5.8. 
The worst ever Recorded was 1886 Charleston Earthquake. It happened exactly 58 years and 5 days before the Cornwall-Massena Earthquake. 
Interesting too all of these Earthquakes happened in August/September. A lot of the Batman Earthquake Stuff I talked about in the previous post was in or close to August as well. 
Richter Scale=58
Charles Richter died age 85 in 1985. 
Study of Seismology goes back to 585 BCE. 
The Big One=85
Back to the Future II references the 58, 85 too.  
Bif wins his money on the 85th day of the year in 1958
Bif Tannen=85
Thomas Francis Wilson=85(Actor who plays Bif) He's even from Philadelphia. 
Doc asks himself for a wrench and says don't you mean 5/8th wrench. 

Shooter was all about winning the "Gold" Jacket as well. Who knows just put it in here because of the 49ers and Gold. 

All of this coding also has went back to Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War Theme. The very last scene of Happy Gilmore shows Chubbs in Heaven with the Alligator and also Abe Lincoln. It Honestly doesn't make that much sense. There's not really any other references to Abraham Lincoln in the movie so seems weird Chubbs is in heaven with him. 

Chubbs Peterson=59 Black People always coded with 59,42.
February=42 (Black History Month also ends on 59th day)
It's why we work the 9 to 5.
Big Brother=59

The last thing I want to point out is a lot of Adam Sandlers famous movies he has a girl with a Double "V" name. 
Billy Madison=Veronica Vaughn
Happy Gilmore=Virginia Venit
The Waterboy=Vicki Vallencourt
Little Nicky=Valerie Veran
Even Big Daddy the Hooters Girl is Vanessa. 

V=22  22+22=44=Earthquake
V=4   44? 

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