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Prince Charles/Royal Family Superbowl 50 The Jungle Book Black Panther and Bear Theme

I was sitting here and for some reason I thought of the Disney Movie The Jungle Book. It has Bagheera the Black Panther who saves Mowgli in the beginning and later Baloo the Bear who helps raise Mowgli. Just interesting considering the Carolina Panthers coded to the Chicago Bears. 

The Jungle Book= 55, 145  
Chicago Illinois=145 

Bagheera=38, 47   Superbowl on 38th day of year. 
Black Panther=111, 48

Baloo=18, 45   
Manning number 18.  Eighteen=46 

Mowgli=34, 79  

In the song Bare Necessities Baloo throws this Fruit at Mowgli like a Football. Then he says, "Have I given you a Clue" It's just somewhat strange, because it seems really unfitting in the song. 

Bagheera takes Mogli to be raised by Wolves. Interesting because the festival of Lupercalia is to celebrate the She Wolf that suckled the founders of Rome(Romulus and Remus). They also founded Rome on April 21st. Which is the same day Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926. 

As I was looking at the comments on youtube I realized there is a new Real Life "The Jungle Book" coming out 4/15/16. Lol what are the odds? Starring Bill Murray who is a big part in this coding I've mentioned previously. A lot to do with Space Jam and he's hinted at the # 67 on a few things. Even the Golden State Warriors last year finished the Regular Season with 67 wins. 

 Interesting the original Disney movie came out in 1967. 10/18/67. 

The guy who voiced the Black Panther Bagheera in the 1967 movie was Sebastian Cabot.
Sebastian Cabot=41, 131  Superbowl=41, 131 
He also died on August 22nd 1977.  So 38 years ago. SB 50 on 38th day of year. Also August 22nd is the 234th day with 131 remaining. 

August 22nd 1642 is also the start of the English Civil War, Which fits the Civil War, Race War theme in our Media, but also it involves King Charles I. If Queen Elizabeth dies "Prince Charles"=131 will become the new "King Charles"=107  One Hundred Seven=131
8/22/1642  is 373 years ago. 
Carolina=37, 73   Just interesting because of the Panthers connection to Princess Charlotte. Also the World Series coded to Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II. Also think about all the Charles references as of late...The Peanuts movie starring Charlie Brown came out.  
Charlie Sheen=107  Says he has HIV. 
Two and a Half Men=56   Men=14  14/2.5=5.6
Royal Family=56
Paris France=56
Osama Bin Laden=56
Saddam Hussein=56
Adolf Hitler=56  died in April=56 age 56. 
Lincoln died age 56 in 65' in April=56 in Washington DC=56. 

Carolina also comes from King Charles I.  Carolina is from the Latin word Carolus meaning Charles. So Panthers coded to Royal Family just as the Mets and Royals were in the World Series. Mets play in Queens.  New York=111 Queen Eliz II born on 111th day. Kansas City ROYALS. Much more...

I've also mentioned the Birth of Princess Charlotte on 5/2 and how it connects to 52 year old Michael Jordan who owns the Charlotte Hornets. Kobe Bryant originally drafted to Charlotte, Steph Curry went to High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. A fan of the Panthers.   Charlotte also the feminine name for Charles. 

2/7/16 to 5/2/16 is a span of 85 days. 
Prince Charles turned 67 years old on 11/14/15. 
11/14/15 to 2/7/16 is also a span of 85 day. 
Charles turned 37 years old in 1985. Carolina=37,73. 
He was even married to Princess Diana. Remember in Back to the Future II on the Newspaper in 2015 it says Queen Diana will visit Washington.  Back to the Future main year in 1985. 

Queen Diana=46, 91
Chicago Cubs=46,91 (were supposed to sweep World Series 2015)

Diana was born in 1961, and died 61 days after her 36th bday. August 31st also a day with 122 left in the year. 5/2 the 122nd day. 
Diana Frances Spencer=85  
Diana Spencer=55,109  
Obama also born in 1961.  
Prince Charles was 12 years 7 months 17 days older than her. 
Interesting he's now married to Princess Camilla who was born on 7/17. 
Also North Carolina(Panthers) is the 12th state. In previous videos I talked about the # 21 being a good number and # 12 being bad this year. Something to think about.  

Funny even on the Warrior vs Dallas game tonight the announcers talk about the 21st pick in the draft Justin Anderson on the Mavs and how he looks like he could play for Carolina.... Meaning the Panthers. He had just scored Dallas' 32nd point. Broncos=32  Golden State had 38. Panthers=38.  They also mentioned Klay Thompson having 12 points just before this. Then continue on about Curry loving the Panthers and being friends with Cam Newton.  

Diana is also the Roman Equivalent to Artemis. 
She not exactly the Bear Goddess but worshiped by some with a Bear Ritual. 

Charlotte even nicknamed the Queen City. 

Name after this Charlotte who died on Nov. 17th 1818. Interesting because Denver was founded on Nov 17th 1858. 

Interstate 85 also goes through Charlotte to the North. 

Charles even became Prince of Wales in 1958. 

9/19/2013 Is the day Charles tied William IV as being the oldest person to become King. William IV was 64. He died age 71=Superbowl Fifty. Queen Elizabeth II will have her 64th anniversary as Queen the Day before SB 50.  So If Charles becomes King he will be the Oldest person to do so after 9/19/13. 
I just typed in to 9/23/16 and it's  a span of 1100 days also 3 months 4 days. Interesting though right as I typed this the Warriors game went to commercial. Look at the time left. 9:19

I'm telling you there is something crazy going on. This happens to me all the time all day long. 
9:19 was when the Power went out in Game 1 of the World Series as well. It came back on at 9:23.  I said 9/19 the 262nd day is a number that has been following me since my Ramona Quimby video that got copyright struck at weird times all dealing with 262 or 626.  Eliz II even became Queen on 2/6/52. Turned 26 that year. Was coronated on 6/2/1953 which is 62 years ago.   9/23 dealt with Pope Francis coming to the US on his 923rd day as Pope went to White House on 9/23 and 9:23am. It's just crazy
Also notice the Score of the game. 81+95=176
Daniel Edward Behrendt=176
Back to the Future=176
There is seriously some crazy time warp or some technology that can do this. I am and have been convinced for a while. 

Charles Philip Arthur George=144  Seventy One=144

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