Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some 64 46 JFK Died age 46. Lyndon BAINES Johnson Michael Jackson Black Panther

So I've shown a lot of the 46 in reference to Chicago and Superbowl 50.  The mirror of 46 is 64. 

I've talked a lot about the assassination of Barack Obama. Obama and Lincoln the only presidents politically out of Illinois. Lot's of race in the media. We even have the White Bronco vs the Black Panther for the Superbowl. 

There was a thwarted plan to assassinate JFK in Chicago 3 weeks before his actual assassination in Dallas. 
JFK died age 46 
Dallas Texas=46
His wife Jackie died age 64. 
He was replaced by Lyndon B Johnson=64
LBJ died age 64
During his time in 1964  the Civil Rights Act was passed.
Civil Rights=64
Interesting the B in Lyndon B Johnson is BAINES. 
Talked so much about Batman and the Superbowl=131
John F Kennedy=131.   Lyndon Baines Johnson died on 1/22 even. 
San Francisco=122 
Barack Hussein Obama=64
Forty Fourth=64 (Obama the 44th president)
Joe Biden=64 (If Obama assassinated he'd be president)
Lots of Racial issues in Michigan this year. 
Michigan=46, 64 
Forty Niners=64 (Where SB is played)
Denver Broncos=64
Fifteen and One=64 (Panthers record)
Stephen Curry=64
Queen Elizabeth II's 64th anniversary will be the day before SB 50. 
The 64th Miss Universe pageant just happened with Steve Harvey messing up the crown. I've mentioned how I think it foreshadowing the shift in power...of the crown. Elizabeth to Charles. 
Princess Camilla=64 (Charles' wife)
Michael Jordan, Steve Harvey, Bill Cosby all belong to "Omega Psi Phi"=64

Bridgewater Shooting happened at 6:46 Vester Flanagan died 6 hours 46 minutes later in Falls Church. He was 41. Superbowl=41  Also from San Francisco and he committed the shooting due to racial discrimination. 
It was the same day Adam Ward's(Batman) girlfriend was leaving to her new Job in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Panthers Beat Cardinals 49-15.   
Game even started at 6:40pm
Last time NFL Draft was in Chicago was 1964. 

Christ is Born=64
Donald Sterling=64
Terminal Cancer=64
The Force Awakens=64
Oklahoma Sooners=64 (Oklahoma the 46th state)
The Sum of All Fears=64
Omaha Earthquake=64

I saw an article on CNN yesterday about a White guy playing Michael Jackson. 

The guy who is to play him is Joseph Fiennes. 
Joseph Fiennes=64, 145  Chicago Illionis=145

It also reminded me of the Original music video for Black and White when Michael Jackson is the Black Panther. 
Michael Jackson died age 50. Most likely a foreshadowing of Superbowl 50.   Michael Jackson was the Performer at Superbowl 27 on 1/31/93. Superbowl=131 Just interesting this years Superbowl is on 2/7.  The halftime score was also 28-10.  
28+10=38.  2/7/16 is the 38th day.  Panthers=38 

Michael Jackson was right though when you think about. It really doesn't matter if you're black or white. We are both slaves in the system we are living in.

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