Saturday, January 16, 2016

109 in my Notes, Obama's Speech in Omaha, Rams move to LA, Vikings VS Seahawks, Kobe Bryant.

I've mentioned Philadelphia multiple times and how Kobe Bryant the Philadelphia Native has been coded his whole career. He tore his achilles against the Golden State Warriors who used to be the Philadelphia Warriors even. Maybe I'll add more later but there is a lot to it and I will have to find all my info again which will take some time. 

Anyway I've been seeing the numbers 131, 109, 107 a whole lot the last few weeks. Look at the score when Kobe tore his achilles.  109 to 107.  Earthquake=107  King Charles=107  One Hundred Thirty One=107  Prince Charles=131.  Kobe came back and made both of his free throws before going out of the game making the score 109 to 109.  Los Angeles=109  

Another 109  is the score of the Seahawks vs Vikings game. 
Score was 10-9  similar to 109. 

Cameron Wake=109  ( Miami Dolphins player who tore his Achilles this season.)

Winning Powerball Ticket=109  
The power ball was just won in "Chino Hills"=109.  
The Chino Hills stuck out to me a bit because of Chino Moreno from the band Deftones.
Deftones were in Paris on 11/13/15 and they were supposed to play at the Bataclan Theatre=131 on 11/14/15. But obviously they didn't play due the "Attacks". 
The Rams just moved to Los Angeles=109 
Obama went to Omaha, Nebraska the day after his State of the Union Speech. 
He flew in on "Air Force One"=109
Omaha Nebraska=109
He gave his speech in "Baxter Arena"=109
The speech was at UNO=50  University of Nebraska Omaha
One Hundred Nine=150  
Lincoln, Nebraska=60, 150
Abraham Lincoln was assassinated 150 years ago until 4/15/16
The Superbowl on 2/7/16 will be 150 years 9 months 23 days after his assassination. 
Abraham Lincoln=60, 123
One Hundred Twenty Three=109  Conspiracy=51, 123
Back to the Future day 10/21/15 is 109 days before Superbowl 50.  Lot's of connections to Superbowl in Back to the Future.  The Train at the end is Train # 131 Superbowl=131.  Also Doc Brown goes back to 1/1/1885 which is 131 years ago. 

Catholic World Mission Day=109  (Just had the 89th Queen Elizabeth is 89 years old)
Charles Francis Richter=109  Earthquake=107 
Eight Four=109 (Obama born on 8/4 August 4th)
Jeffrey Michael Gordon=109  Just retired from Nascar also born on 8/4. 
Four Days=109  (David Bowie Lazarus stuff. Lazarus was dead for 4 days)
Francis Newton Gifford=109 (Frank Gifford who died on 8/9/16)
Malcom Kerr=109  (Steve Kerr's dad born in 1931 died 31 years ago. Golden State plays in Oakland=31  Finals MVP was Andre Igoudala who is 31 years old)

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