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Batman Vs Superman Levis Stadium Blackout

As I was making the last post about Ahman Green I realized I haven't looked that much into Superman. I've noticed a lot of Batman media stories, but not so much Superman. Just wondering if maybe we are missing something especially with the Superman V Batman movie coming out 47 days after Superbowl 50.  I've never really watched much of Superman though. I did however see a part of a Superman movie at some point where he saves an Airplane from crashing into the Baseball stadium. 
It was in the film Superman Returns. 

I know it's a baseball stadium and not a Football Stadium but it gets a little more interesting in a second. The plane isn't noticed by anyone in the stadium until # 27 Pops up a ball and the crowd looks up. Superbowl 50 on 2/7.  Twenty Seven=46. 

The Reason this struck my brain was because in 2015 we got articles about Levi's Stadium blinding Pilots. 

Even this one from 49ers nation that was posted on September 23rd. 
Blinding=71  Superbowl Fifty=71 
Blinded=32, 50   Thirty Two=50
Airplane Crashes into Superbowl Fifty=161, 404
Interesting numbers.  
American Civil War=161 
It's the Black Panthers vs the White Broncos. 
Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone=161  (St. Francis of Assisi real name, San Francisco and Pope Francis named after him)
Mineral Virgina=161 (Most Recent biggest East Coast Earthquake a 5.8)
Grizzly Adams=161 (just talked about his death coded to Earthquake)
161 days is 5 months 8 days. 
Lincoln died 4/15  or 161 days before 9/23. 
Michael Andrew Fox=161 (Lots of his movies coded)

Pope Francis arrived to the US at 4:04 on his 923rd day as pope. 
Went to the Whitehouse at 9:23am on 9/23. 
404 verses in Revelation
King James Bible came out 404 years ago until 5/2/16. 

Superman Returns even involves a Blackout of the East Coast which causes the plane to mess up.  
Batman Vs Superman comes out on 3/25/16 or 47 days after SB 50.  3/25/16 is also the 85th day of the year. 
Superbowl 47 the blackout Superbowl.
Beyonce performed at SB 47 and performing with Coldplay at 
SB 50. 
4/7 2015 there was a Blackout at the Whitehouse. 
TV Blackout of 2015 World Series came back on after the 47th pitch.

The 1985 Bears were invited to the White House by Obama on 10/7/2011. 25 years after they won Superbowl 20.  They couldn't come in 1986 because of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster.  The Superman Returns Blackout caused the Flight Test of a Space Shuttle to fail and that's why Superman had to Save the Plane from hitting the Baseball Stadium. 

10/7/2011 to 2/7/2016 is 4 years and 4 months. 
Interesting also 10/7 similar to 107.  One Hundred Seven=131 Superbowl=131. Earthquake=107 
Superman=107 Blackout=85

Challenger Disaster happened on 1/28/1986. 
It happened 73 seconds after takeoff. 

Christa McAuliffe=73  She died age 37 would've been the 1st teacher in space. 


Got to go to bed, but for sure something to look more into. 

A plane crash also reminds me of the Germanwings Flight 9525 on 3/24/15. It was a deliberate crash by co Pilot Andreas Lubitz. 

The Crash happened in France. Yet the picture we got of the guy who purposely crashed the plane was him at the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Think about his name even...Andreas Lubitz.  San Andreas Fault...
144 Passengers died on the plane. Seventy One=144  Moses=71 Superbowl Fifty=71

 Left it's assigned cruising altitude of 38,000 feet. 
Superbowl 50 on 38th day.
Colorado=38, 83  The 38th state
Dropped 58 feet per second. or 3,400 feet per minute. 
It was the worst French Air crash in 34 years. 
Lubitz was even 27 years 38 weeks 3 days old.  Superbowl on 2/7. 
3/24/15 also happened to be Peyton Mannings 39th birthday. The 83rd day of the year. 

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