Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oldest Living Man Yasutaro Koide dies 1/19/16 age 112. 56 151

Yasutaro Koide=56, 164.  Another 56 death. 

8/21/15 to 1/19/16 is a span of 151 days.  
A number I just talked about in the last post with Grizzly Adams. Grizzly Adams died on 15/1 or January 15th.
"January Fifteenth Two Thousand Sixteen"=151.

Valentines Day=151. In Ghostbusters II the lady tells Bill Murray an Alien told her the world would end Valentines Day 2016.   Ghostbusters II=191. Similar to todays date of 19/1. 

Jesus Christ=151  Ben Franklin Bridge=151.   Denver, Colorado=151(Interesting with the Broncos VS Pats game coming up).  
"Ninth President to die in office"=151 
Coldplay playing at Superbowl. Just released the Album "A Head Full of Dreams"=151 it had Obama singing Amazing Grace at Clementa Pinckney's funeral on the Track Kaleidoscope. The Track is 1:51 in length even.   Also goes with my last post about Earthquakes and 99.  Obama did this 9 days after the 9 people were murdered. Abe Lincoln died 9 hours and 9 minutes after being shot. 2016 is also the 151st anniversary of his death on 4/15/1865. 
August 2nd is the 214th day with 151 remaining. Interesting 214 similar to Valentines day 2/14.  Also August 2nd is the day the Declaration of Independence was actually signed by most signers. 

The big Nepal Earthquake on 4/25/15 that killed 9,000 and injured 23,000 people happened 151 days before 9/23. The Stats now say 8,000 and 21,000. Interesting this guy made Guinness Book of Records on 8/21/15.  

8/21 also would've been Princess Margaret's 85th Birthday. 
There has been something special about her all year in this coding. 
8/21 was also the day of the French Train Attack. 
Lattice Tower=151  
8/21 to 11/13 Paris attacks is 84 days.   
Obama born on 8/4.
Jesuit=84 (Pope Francis first Jesuit Pope)
United States of America=84. 

Some weird other things about 151. I put up a video about Herbie the Love Bug on 4/7/15. Then 151 days later was Nebraska Cornhuskers first game of season.  Cornhuskers=151. Mascot is Herbie.  Dean Jones the Herbie Actor dies age 84 on 9/1. Also in Happy Gilmore, he has to beat Shooter McGavin with normal strength because the guy Shooter pays runs Happy over with a Volkswagen Beetle. 

He was even born exactly 110 years before Pope Francis became the Pope on 3/13/13. 
One Five One=56, 110. 

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