Monday, January 18, 2016

Steelers Vs Denver Game. Batman and Other Numbers to Superbowl 50.

I never looked enough into this game to really make a prediction. The number 31 has been very dominant as of late. Even the Panthers were up 31-0 at halftime and won with 31 points. Steelers=31  It was the 31st matchup between Steelers and Broncos. Much more, but there's something I am missing with this number.  The Chiefs beat Houston=31, so I wasn't quite sure if Steelers had it in the bag. Alex Smith did get his 31st win as a Chief against Houston though. The 31 has been all over these games mostly in favor of  a team. Interesting though, Steelers=31 Houston=31 but other teams did not ADD to 31 in Gematria they had other connections to it. So that may be the reason, but I'm still not sure. 

Also someone pointed out to me that Batman connection to the Steelers. Hines Ward # 86 scored the TD on Batman when the Stadium collapsed. I was watching a clip on Steelers page and the AD was for the film "The Finest Hours". In the AD the girl says, "There's a Storm Coming" just like in The Dark Knight Rises. Steelers didn't win today, but At 10:40 left in the 4th I announcers say Mike Tomlin said, "We know we have a Batman in Antonio Brown, and we have some Robins, we'll see if anyone can step up and be a Batman today".  Seems strange they would say that at all. 
Lots of Batman coding this year too. The guy who dressed up as Batman and went to Hospitals died day before lady who played Batgirl died. 2 Days before this Donald Trump said he was Batman at the Iowa State Fair. Guy who invented the Batmobile died this year. Morgan Freeman's Grandchild dies, Matt Harvey the Dark Knight in the World Series. James Holmes the Batman shooter sentenced. 
Most of these events happened in August=17, 89. There was an Earthquake at the World Series in 1989. The first Batman movie came out in 6/23/89. The World Series Earthquake was Oct 17th. They waited until Oct 27th(Back to Future Day and Philadelphia day) to replay the game. The Oakland A's won that day. 6/23/89 to 10/27/89 is 126 days. Batman movie was 126 minutes.   Seventeen=37, 109. San Francisco known for the 1906 Earthquake which happened 109 years. ago. A lot of the Batman coding was to the number 58. James Eagan Holmes=58 and more. Interesting 58 is a number around Earthquake as well and Superbowl 50 is in San Francisco.  Batman Vs Superman is coming out 57 days after the Superbowl. Fifty Seven=131 Superbowl=131. Donald Trump said he was Batman in a Helicopter=57 at Iowa State Fair=57   Man I'll have to look more at my notes tomorrow. Seems pretty significant. 

Anyway some of things I noticed about Broncos Steelers game today. 

Steelers lost making their record 11-7 overall Todays' Date is 1/17. 
One Hundred Seventeen=91  A number I've noticed associated with elimination. 
The main reason they lost was because Fitzgerald Toussaint # 33 fumbled the ball. The ball was also knocked out at the 31 yard line. It was recovered by #94 Demarcus Ware=131, 50  Superbowl=131. He's even 33 years old. 11th pick in the draft and in his 11th season. 11th prime is 31. Ninety Four=57  Fifty Seven=131. 

Steelers finished the game with 16 points. Sixteen=33
Steelers established in 1933. 

Steelers were down by 10 and they got the ball back with :53 in the 4th.  Interesting because the 16th prime number is 53. They then went down and scored their 16th point. 

I had an idea Steelers might lose because Jordan Berry had a terrible Punt in the 1st Quarter. He only kicked it to the 31 yard line leaving 5:06 on the clock. A 56 combined with a 31....It led to Broncos scoring their 6th point. The announcers blamed it on the "Wind"=23. 
After the bad punt the Broncos scored their 6th point 1:26 later. 
Eighty Six=126 The 126th day is 5/6. 1 month 26 days is 56 days.
If Steelers would've won it would've made their record 12-6.
Superbowl on 2+7+20+16=45  Forty Five=126.
Manning says on commercial "Epic Comeback"=86
After the bad punt the Broncos scored their 6th point 1:26 later. 

Broncos won scoring 23 points. 
They even showed a stat stating the Broncos hadn't scored a post season TD in 20 possessions. They scored a TD on their 23rd Possession. This TD made the score 18-13.  18+13=31. The Broncos then went for 2 and got it making the score. 20-13  20+13=33.  This drive ended at exactly 3:00 left in the 4th or the 57th minute of the game. 
Fifty Seven=131

Manning also called a weird timeout late in the 3rd quarter. The Broncos were on the 23 yard line at the time. 

23rd prime number is 83.  Football=83. 

Twenty Three=55  Zach K Hubbard mentioned multiple 55 references to the Broncos success. I just want to point out "Retirement"=55 

Before the game started the announcers said Manning is 0-5 in the playoffs when the temperature is below 40. Then went on to say but today is 46 degrees out.  

Whoever wins AFC Championship game will go into the Superbowl with a record of 14-4.  
If AFC wins they will be 15-4. Fifteen and Four=144
If they Lose they will be 14-5  Chicago, Illinois=145
Panthers would be 17-1  Win 18-1(see below) or Lose 17-2. 
Cardinals 15-3 Win 16-3 or Lose 15-4. 
So could be AFC team beats the Cardinals to fit the 144? 
Seventy One=144
Levis Stadium...Moses was in the Tribe of Levi.
Moses=71   The Ten Commandments=71
Superbowl Fifty=71 AKA Golden Superbowl=71
St Francis of Assisi=71  Superbowl in San Francisco named after St. Francis of Assisi. Also where Pope Francis got his name. Pope Francis also born 71 years after Abe Lincoln's Death. 
San Franciso=122 Pope Francis=122. 
Le Bataclan=71  Bataclan Theatre=50, 131 Superbowl=131
World War Three=71
Field Goal=71
Fourth Quarter=71
Federal Reserve=71
African American=71
Biggest Earthquake of 2015 was in Illapel=31, Chile. on 71W. 
Haj Pilgrimage=71 Where the 717 people died. (was spelled Haj and Hajj on the news so maybe a stretch)
Doc Brown discovered Time Travel on 11/5/55.  
11+5+55=71  In Part III he Travels back to 1/1/1885 which is 131 years 37 days before SB 50. The push the Delorean with Train # 131. Superbowl=131.  
Seems to be a lot of coding to Chicago in these sports too. 
Great Chicago Fire was Oct 8th 1871.  So 144 years ago until Oct. 8th which will be 145 years ago.  Chicago, Illinos=145. 
One Hundred Seventy One=1871(Jewish) 
10/8/18/71  10+8+18+71=107  One Hundred Seven=131
12th prime is 37 which is interesting because of the Patriots win last year in the Superbowl and also their win against the Chiefs which I previously posted about both being absolutely crazy with the # 12 and #21. 

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