Saturday, January 16, 2016

Chip Kelly signs with 49ers and the Chiefs/Eagles coaching Rotation.

Chip Kelly was just fired by the Eagles on 12/22/2015.
12+22+20+15=69  He was fired when the Eagles were 6-9. Also it was his 47th total game he coached the Eagles.
Chip Kelly=47,56,101  Philadelphia=101
Pat Shurmur=47, 56 (Guy who replaced him for the last game).

His real name is Charles Kelly.
Charles Kelly=50, 131
He signed with San Francisco who is hosting Superbowl 50.
San Francisco=50, 122
He was hired in San Francisco on 1/14/2016

Kelly was hired to the Eagles because the Eagles fired current Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

Andrew Reid=56, 101 (His real name) Philadelphia=101
This interests me because I've mentioned the Chiefs winning the Superbowl but the number 56 has seemed to be a "Bad" number.  Andrew Reid=56 really makes me wonder if I'm incorrect. There's so many other connections to the Chiefs though that I still think I may be correct. If I'm not though, it will be because of the 56 connections. Chiefs in 56th year of existence even.

Doug Pederson is the current Chiefs Offensive Coordinator. The Eagles have said once the Chiefs Season is over they are going to hire him as Head Coach. He was born on January 31st.  Or 1/31. Superbowl=131

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