Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ahman Green gets Role in Batman Vs Superman

Notice the Favorites and Likes 8 and 22. Like the Day Black Panther founder Huey P. Newton died. 8/22.  131 days left.  Superbowl=131 
Ahman=19,37   1+2+7+2+0+1+6=19
Civil Rights=64
Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed by Lyndon B Johnson=64 who died age 64. 
Barack Hussein Obama=64

Ahman Green=50, 86 

Superbowl 50 and also Hines Ward in Batman was # 86. 

Green also in a movie called "Big Stan"=27, 72. 
Superbowl 50 on 2/7 or 7/2 depending on where you live. 
Ward=46 Chicago=46  Hines Ward=101  Philadelphia=101

Ahman Green of Course a Former Nebraska Cornhusker as well. 
He's 38 years old.
Born in "Omaha"=38
Superbowl on 38th day of the year. 
Colorado the 38th state
Manning born on 83rd day of the year. Says "Omaha". 
Elway drafted in 1983. 

Also Ahman Green played on the 1997-98 Cornhuskers who demolished Peyton Manning in the Orange Bowl of his senior Season at Tennessee. 
It was the 64th Orange Bowl as well. It was also the same Year Nebraska and Michigan had to split the National Championship. 

Manning even 21-31 and threw for 131 yards. Superbowl=131
Tom Osborne retired from coaching after this game. He was the coach since 1973, also born in 1937.  
Carolina=37, 73. 
I've mentioned so much about the Nebraska Cornhuskers this year, this story is so fitting to what I've been saying. Even Former Cornhusker Lawrence Phillips just died. Green played with him as well. 
Teen Wolf has Nebraska Cornhusker stuff in the Background of the Movie. The movie wasn't filmed or set in Nebraska.  Michael J Fox even joins the School play about the Civil War. Lincoln Nebraska, Abraham Lincoln. It all stems back to the NBA ALL Star Week when Andrew Wiggins(A teen wolf) born on 2/23 won the Rising Star Challenge MVP.  Zach Lavine(a teen wolf) won the Slam Dunk contest and did the Space Jam Dunk.  All Star Week was the Same days as Lupercalia. A roman festival where they celebrate and sacrifice a wolf. Westbrook won the All Star Game Mvp. He's from UCLA, Zach Lavine is from UCLA, Andrew Wiggins traded for Kevin Love who is from UCLA. Nebraska just beat UCLA to become 6-7 at the Foster Farms bowl played in Levi's Stadium where SB 50 is going to be played. Also want to point out Lavine is # 8 and Wiggins # 22.  8/22 again. (Bagheera voice actor, Huey P Newton 131 left in year)
Tom Osborne born on 2/23  just like Flip Saunders the Twolves coach who just died. Saunders announced his cancer on the 223rd day of the year. 1st game of the season was tribute to him against the Lakers. The score even totaled 223.
Saunders started coaching Twolves in Garnetts rookie season on the 21st game. Garnett wore # 21. They finished 12th in the west and won 21 games that season. Garnett left to Boston after 12 seasons.  Garnett came back to Twolves and Saunders died just before Garnett's 21st season.  Ahman Green played 12 seasons in the NFL. Lot's of 12 and 21 coding in my recent posts. Also I made a bunch of videos on Nebraska's first game of the season against BYU that was rigged with 12 and 21. 

Dean Jones the Actor in the movie Herbie The Love Bug died on 9/1/15  just before the beginning of the Cornhuskers season. Nebraska's mascot is Herbie Husker. 
Herbie=38  Herbie the lovebug=83 Football=83
The movie takes place in San Francisco, also Dean Jones Mechanic in the movies name is Tennessee Steinmetz. Just interesting with Peyton Manning playing college at Tennessee.  

Says it needs a source, but go figure Wikipedia would have this written about Ahman Green.  He was # 30   1985 30 years ago. But when he went back to Green Bay he chose # 34 because of Walter Payton the former 1985 Chicago Bear player. Who died age 46. Chicago=46  Bears won SB 20 46-10 using the revolutionary 4-6 defense. 

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