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Exorcism in Earling, Iowa partially based on the Book/Film The Exorcism. Interesting Gematria.

I Drive through this town everyday on my way to work. Everyday it gives me the creeps. Whether this story is real or fake, it did it's job on me. This exorcism is what The Book and Film the Exorcist is partially based off. The actions such as head spinning around and climbing on ceiling in the movie are based off of this exorcism.  It's supposedly the first Famous exorcism in the US as well. 
Yesterday at work my machine jammed for the first time after 666 documents and it made me think of this. So I looked at this story again. I've covered it before with certain things, but I realized I had never done Gematria on it.   
I'll leave some links on the bottom of this post so you can read more about the story if you would like. 

One of the things that makes this story seem unreal to me is the fact she has 2 different names. I can't seem to find the exact reason for this. The other story the book and Film are based off has 2 names as well.  "Robbie Mannheim"=128, 74 and "Roland Doe"=88, 43
Emma Schmidt=45, 108
Anna Ecklund=37, 46, 100  

The Coordinates of the town are interesting as it seems like a great place for an Exorcism to take place.  
41N  Skull and Bones=41   
66 is also a number coded a lot in this story. 
Sixty Six=41, 149 
Thirty Three=66
41 is connected to this story more, but I will explain more as I go on. 
Major Highways in the town are 191 and 37.   
6+6+6=18     18X37=666
191 is interesting due to Ninety One=121
Society of Jesus=191 (Pope Francis the 1st Jesuit Pope)
Joseph Ratzinger=191 (Pope Benedicts real name) He was also 14 years old in 1941. 

The town also named after Albert J Earling who became president of the Railraod on 9/23 1899. Weird I'm posting this today and he was also born on 1/19/1848. Also he died on my Birthday November 10th but 90 years ago in 1925. 

The 9/23 date sticks out because in 2015 we were bombarded with 923 references. Many of which connected to Pope Francis. He came to the United States on his 923rd day as Pope. He also arrived at the Whitehouse at 9:23am on 9/23/15.  9/23 is the 266th day of the year. Pope Francis is the 266th Pope. This exorcism took place at the FRANCISCAN Convent. Franciscan refers to St. Francis of Assisi who was the first man to receive the Stigmata. Pope Francis and San Francisco also both named after him. 
"Depart, Ye Fiends of hell! Begone, Satan"=141 Also notice how it took 23 days for the demons to leave her body. 
Twenty Three=55
Judas=55 (She was possessed by Judas as well)
Judas Iscariot=149  Skull and Bones=149
Skull and bones number is 322
Three Two Two=55

She became possessed because she was cursed by her father Jacob for not committing incest with him. Also cursed by Jacob's Mistress Mina who practiced "Witchcraft"=111

The main priest in this story was Theophilus Reisinger=111 Interesting he died in 1941.
Exorcist=41 (he was a famous exorcist)
   Notice he was ordained in Marathon, Wisconsin on the 149th day of the year, in 1899 same year Albert J Earling named President of the Railroad. 
Albert Earling born on 1/19,  Riesinger dies on 11/9. 
Marathon, Wisconsin=80

So Emma/Anna was 14 when she first showed signs of being possessed in 1896. Reisinger Exorcised her 16 years later on 6/18/1912.     
Begone Satan=618 (English)

The first Exorsim took place in her Hometown of Marathon, Wisconsin. 

The 2nd Exorcism took place in Earling, Iowa which was originally called Marthan, Iowa and changed because a town already named Marathon. 
She wasn't  freed from demonic possession until her 2nd exorcism age 46 in 1928.  Anna Ecklund=46 
So interesting she was exorcised 2 times. The 1st time was 16 years after signs of possession. Then 16 years after the 1st exorcism. 
1896-1912=16 years  1912 to 1928=16 years. 
Sixteen=33, 96   "Freemason"=96  Highest Degree is 33. 
Sixteen Years=56, 164
Fifty Six=55
She was free of possession after the 23 non consecutive days exorcism that took place 32 years after first signs of possession.
The 2nd exorcism was also in 3 sessions (23  32)   
Emma=32, 14  

The 1st exorcism took place in Wisconsin.  Father Reisinger was friends with Father Joseph Steiger in Earling, Iowa.  When the symptoms came back he sent her to Earling for the "Famous" Exorcism.  Earling's Church was St. Josephs Parish. 
Joseph Steiger=66
St. Josephs Parish=66
Father Berner=66 (The 3rd priest helping with the exorcism)

August Eighteenth Nineteen Twenty Eight=164
This was "Sixteen Years"=164 after the 1st exorcism. 

It started on 8/18 and ended 18 weeks 1 day later on 12/23/28. 
December Twenty Third Nineteen Twenty Eight=188.  
August 18th can be written 8/18 or 18/8. 

The Book "The Exorcist" was written in 1971. Blatty was 43 years old. Interesting he was also born in 1928 the same year  Anna/Emma was exorcised.  Also Jan 7th is 7/1. 
William Peter Blatty=223
He was born exactly 32 weeks before the exorcism began. 
Exorcism=43, 106
Three hundred Twenty two=106
The Exorcist=56
Linda Blair plays the possessed girl in the Film. She is 56 years old until 1/22/2016. 



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