Thursday, January 28, 2016

A few 46 connections to Chicago. 1995-96 Bulls Walter Payton Golden State Warriors

Warriors win their 46th game tonight. Interesting they score 127 points. 31st prime is 127.  Oakland=31  Also today is 1/27. Lol. They scored 122 on 1/22 the day Kerr came back too. Golden State=122 

When the Warriors beat the Spurs Espn put this Video up on the page. All about Curry and 46. 

The Warriors are chasing the 95-96' Bulls 72-10 record. 
The Bulls lost their 46th game making their record 41-5. The game was on 2/6/1996.  The 37th day. Chicago=37, 46. This is what I'm saying about a team that's coded doesn't always win. I'm trying to figure this part out. 
Bulls lost to Phoenix.  
Phoenix=91, 46 Oh the Odds of the Bulls playing Phoenix of their 46th game on the 37th day. 
Bulls played Warriors on their 47th game that year and won. 
Interesting Warriors 47th game this year is against the 76ers who have been coded like crazy. 

Walter Payton a famous Chicago Bear also died age 46. He was on the 1985 Bears that won Superbowl XX with Ron Rivera. 

He died on 11/1 as well. Lot so of 111 connections regarding this 2015 and 2016 so far. 

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