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Ben Carson Staffer Braden Joplin dies. Batman Omaha San Francisco Natural Disaster Superbowl Moses Herbie Bloodmoon

I just made a video on Obama going to Omaha, Nebraska the day after his State of the Union Speech.  Also Death of former Nebraska Cornhusker Lawrence Phillips. 
Phillips was also a St. Louis Ram. He died the day after the Rams moved to Los Angeles. 
Omaha, Nebraska=109
Obama gave his speech in "Baxter Arena"=109
Winning Powerball Ticket=109 ( Happened same day as Speech) 
Chino Hills=109 (Where ticket was won)
Los Angeles=109
Kobe Tore Achilles against Golden State and left the game when score was 109 to 109.  Paris killed Achilles in Mythology. There is so much to backtrack on. Kobe connects all of this to Philadelphia.

5 days before Obama came to Omaha. During the Chiefs game we got this Breaking News Story of a building on Fire in Downtown Omaha, or also referred to as the Old Market. 
Downtown Omaha=58
Old Market=99
Warren Buffet=58  He's even 85 years old right now. (From Omaha and amazing it fits right in)
Both numbers I've noticed connecting to Earthquakes which I'll explain again later in this post. 
This story was originally reported at 11th and Harney at M's Pub. 
Harney=71  M's Pub=71 Nebraska=71 
I mentioned how it connects to Superbowl Fifty=71 and the Movie Teen Wolf that has Nebraska Cornhusker Stuff in it but it's not set in Nebraska. Also has the Civil War Scene. Lot's of Teen Wolf stuff too much to type right now but all goes back to Lupercalia and 2015 NBA All Star Week.    
Lincoln Freed the Slaves just like Moses. The Cornhuskers play in the Sea of Red, Moses Parted the Red Sea.
Moses=71  The Ten Commandments=71  Superbowl 50 is played in Levi's Stadium.  Moses was in the Tribe of Levi.   Before God Spoke to Moses on Mt Sinai and received the 10 commandments there was an Earthquake. (Exodus 19:18) Moses crossed the Red Sea to "Midian"=32, 50.   Thirty Two=50 

Another recent Omaha story was the Snow on Dodge Street not being taken care of. This was 1/19/16. Dodge Street is a main street that goes through the Old Market. 
Dodge Street=122, 50      San Francisco=122 Superbowl 50. 
These are just local stories but weird they connect to things I've been mentioning for Months. 

Now we get the story of Ben Carson's staffer dead in car accident. 

Look at how long this video is......1:09 
Omaha Nebraska=109
The person who died was Braden Joplin.
Braden Joplin=57, 120
Benjamin Carson=57, 138

According the Rabbinical Judaism Moses died in 1271(BCE) age 120. 
 Both of their names also stick out Joplin and Carson. 
First off... Braden Joplin died on 1/19 which just so happens to the Birthday of Janis Joplin. Janis Joplin even began her music career in San Francisco(Superbowl 50). 
She died in Los Angeles=109
Ranked 46 on Rolling Stones All Time Greats
Omaha, Nebraska=109, 46. 
Janis would've been 73 years old.  
Sea of Red=37, 73  
Nebraska is the 37th state.   
Ben Carson=37. 
Van=37  (Wrecked in a Van)
The Van was hit by a Chevy Avalanche.  Interesting it has a weather related name. Especially in regards to "Snow" and they wrecked because of slick roads. 
I know this accident happened in Iowa, but they were traveling to Omaha and Carson also went to Omaha. It will make more sense in a bit. 
In regards to destruction:
Joplin, Missouri=73  Even Located on 37N. 
Tornado destroyed it on 5+22+20+11=58

Look at the pic they show of Joplin on Wiki.  Obama with an 85 year old man. 
The tornado went across I-44.   
Earthquake=44, 107
Auto Accident=44

Braden Joplin died on I-80 near Atlantic, Iowa.
Atlantic, Iowa=47, 128
Ben Carson Sr.=47, 128 

In Regards to the name CARSON. All I can think about is Johnny Carson.  
Johnny Carson was born in Corning, Iowa and also grew up in surrounding towns of Avoca, Red Oak.  All in this Southwest area of Iowa. At age 8 they moved to Norfolk, Nebraska. 
Johnny Carson got his start working for WOW in Omaha.
He also died in Los Angeles=109. 

 The tonight show with Johnny Carson last episode was exactly 19 years before the Joplin Missouri tornado. 

His dad was also a Power Company Manager. Think of all the Blackout stuff I've mentioned over the last year. I even talked about the Nuclear Power Plant in Fort Calhoun right outside of Omaha. Go Back and Watch my Nebraska Cornhusker Videos from September to now.  They were foreshadowing Blackout and it was connected to the commercial with the Blackout Dates. 

Kerrie Orozco the Cop who was murdered this year was also originally from this area. She was from Walnut. (See the Map above)

Johnny Carson also known as a JOKER.  
In regards to Joplin and San Francisco we also have The STEVE MILLER BAND. 
They were founded in San Francisco in 1966. The same year the Church of Satan was founded in San Francisco. 

Steve Miller Bands First Hit Song was "The Joker" that came out in 1973.  
I have mentioned this band for a while now because of their song "Fly Like an Eagle" that is covered by SEAL=37 and on the movie Space Jam.  The Teen Wolf Zach Lavine won the Slam Dunk 2015 Slam Dunk Contest and did the Space Jam Dunk. Andrew Wiggins another Teen Wolf won the MVP of Rising Star Challenge. The NBA All Star Week was Same Days as Lupercalia(Feb 13-15). 
Michael Jordan is 52 owns Charlotte Hornets. Princess Charlotte born on 5/2. A whole lot more. It connects to Alien Agenda and Bill Murray in Space Jam. Also Ghostbusters II the Alien said end of world is Valentines Day 2016.   Space Jam came out 19 years ago. 19th prime is 67.  Murray even tweeted last year on 1/9 about giving him 67 years to do something and he would still wait for the last minute. Yet he's not even 67 years old so it doesn't make sense. 
Revelation=49, 67, 121. 

There has been a lot of EAGLES stuff in the news and things that connect to  Philadelphia.  

Just had the Eagles band member Glenn Frey die age 67.   
He died 67 days after the Paris Attacks where the band The Eagles of Death Metal were playing. 
Also Eagles Coach Chip Kelly=47,101 fired after his 47th game and replaced by Pat Shurmur=47. Kelly hired after the Eagles fired Andrew Reid=101  Philadelphia=101.  Reid is the Chiefs coach. Now Eagles hire Doug Pedersen. D=4 P=7 as head coach. He was Chiefs Offensive Coordinator in 2015.   Much more to the Philadelphia and Eagles coding but want to move on a bit.
Kelly now hired by San Francisco=50 49ers.  Charles Kelly=50,131 Superbowl=131(49ers hosting SB 50). 

In regards Steve Miller Band though. The JOKER is a Batman reference. We've seen multiple Batman things all year. In the previous few post I talked about how they are connected to an Earthquake and lots to the number 58. 
Richter Scale=58
Charles Richter died age 85 in 1985. 
Study of Seismology goes back to 585 BCE. 
The Big One=85

Much more but you get the idea.. 
Charles Francis Richter=109

Jared Leto is the Joker in the new film coming out called Suicide Squad.  
Notice the XX on the cover? 
Weird we've been talking about the Superbowl being connected to Superbowl XX with the 85' Bears.   This movie is scheduled to release on 8/5 2016 as well.  

It also reminds me of this scene in The Shining. "Here's Johnny" A reference to Johnny Carson. 
Jack Nicholson the original Joker.  
They seem to love coding the Joker into Big events. James Eagan Holmes=58  dresses as Joker and shoots the theater up. 
Boston Marathon=58
Dzhokhar Anzorovich Tsarnaev=322, 133, Skull and Bones
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev=191  Ghostbusters II=191  Date of Joplins death 19/1. 

Even with the Fake Roanoke Virginia Shooting this year they coded Batman. Alison Parkers ex boyfriend's youtube channel all about Batman.  Also Adam Ward...Original Batman Series Starred ADAM West as Batman,  Burt WARD as Robin. It's also connected to the Hines Ward # 86 at the Football game that explodes on the Dark Knight Rises.  
Lot's of 58 around this story as well.  
Alison Parker=58
Vester L Flangan=58
Vester Flanagan from San Francisco. 

Also had this picture from that shooting  Franklin Bridgewater. Like it's going to collapse.  Even the bottom talks about the Nascar wreck in Pennsylvania. 

I've also mentioned a lot dealing with the Herbie Love Bug movie.  Herbie is also Nebraska's Mascot. Tommy Boy says Herbie Hancock at college. Also drops his US History book in beginning of movie with the # 239 on it. We are in the 239th year of US. 

Anyway look at the picture above. It's from Herbie Fully Loaded. Lindsay Lohan is wearing a shirt with the Golden Gate Bridge and a Blood Moon. We just had the 4th Bloodmoon of the Tetrad on 9/28/15. Her dad in the movie is Michael Keaton. The 1989 Batman who fought Nicholson as Joker.  Keaton from Pennsylvania.   

Omaha Earthquake=145,64
Ben Carson and Michael Keaton both 64 years old. 
Chicago Illinois=145
Omaha Nebraska=46  Chicago=46 
Interesting too. 
Omaha is what Peyton Manning always calls out in his cadence too. So if Broncos make it to the Superbowl it's really got me wondering. 

Interesting the worst Earthquake in Nebraska occurred exactly 119 years before Space Jam Released 19 years ago. Joplin died 1/19. 
The first Significant Earthquake reported was in 1867.  

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