Saturday, January 30, 2016

Snowmobilers die in British Columbia Avalanche

Interesting there is something particular about Columbia as well.  We had the Missouri, University Hunger Strike in Columbia, Missouri. 
Miss Universe was originally Colombia then Phillipines. 
Even had the Cnn article about Americans spelling Colombia with a U and not an O.  Columbia, Colombia. 

Now an avalanche in British Columbia. (Makes sense with the Royal Family coding)
Royal Family=56 

Just had Ben Carson staffer Braden Joplin, who died after his van was hit by a Chevy Avalanche.  

Mcbride, British Columbia=107
The Avalanche Struck at 1:30 on January 30th(1/30)

We also got the 12 I've been seeing all over lately. On average 12 Canadian avalanche deaths per year. 
It's also the Rocky Mountains, which reminds me of Denver and the Broncos. 
Mary Clayton is a stretch but just reminds me of Clayton Ravine in Back to the Future named after Doc Browns wife Clara Clayton. 

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