Saturday, January 16, 2016

Alex Smith Chiefs 11 and 111 Wayne Static and Wife Death's

Alex Smith and the Chiefs are surrounded by the #'s 11, 111 and  31.  All of these numbers have been popping up in recent events also stemming back to the beginning of Football Season.

Alex Smith=111    He's in his 11th Season. Also wears # 11.
He was chosen as the 11th smartest person in the NFL in 2010.
Alex Smith went to college at Utah. Their current coach just finished his 11th season.
In Smith's first NFL Season he threw for 1 td and had 11 interceptions.

Chiefs beat Cleveland Browns to advance to the playoffs on 12/27/2015. Which is 1 month 11 days before the Superbowl on 2/7/2016.  It was the Chiefs 11th win of the season.

He plays for the Chiefs because he got hurt in 2012 and the 49ers ended up trading him to the Chiefs.
He got hurt at the game played on 11/11 2012 against the Rams. Interesting the Rams were big news after moving to Los Angeles. Interesting that Lawrence Phillips a former St. Louis Rams player died recently.  He was # 21  the Rams going back to Los Angeles after 21 seasons in St. Louis. They also originally became the Los Angeles Rams in 1946. The Chiefs haven't won a Superbowl in 46 years. Last time they won was 1/11 1970. Phillips=101 Philadelphia=101  He also died at 1:27am on 13/1 or 1/13. 127 is the 31st prime number. Phillips let go from Rams by Dick Vermeil=111 who is also a former Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs Coach. The Rams were originally from Cleveland..the team the Chiefs beat to advance to the playoffs. That same year Smith's Team 49ers went to the Superbowl and lost 34-31. Smith didn't play in that game. Smith had 72 yards passing yards in the Rams game. Then he did came back for 1 play against the Cardinals on 12/30/12. So his last game played with 49ers was 72 days before he was traded to the Chiefs on 3/12/2013.

The 11th prime number is 31.   Alex Smith is 31 years old.
The win against the Houston Texans was the Chiefs 11th in a row. Houston=31
It was also Alex Smith's 31st win as a Chief.  Utah where he went to college has only made 2 BCS bowl games. 2005 Fiesta Bowl(with Smith) and 2009 Sugar Bowl.  The 2005 Fiesta Bowl was on 1/1 2005. The win also gave them an 11-0 record.   The 2009 Sugar bowl score was 31-17.  That is Smith's record right now as a Chief. Only 31 teams have been in the Sugar Bowl.

I think also it may come down to Chiefs Vs Broncos in the AFC Championship.
Chiefs lost to Broncos 31-24 in "Week Two"=50. It made the Chiefs record 1-1.(11)   The score was tied 24-24. Twenty Four=50  Then Jamaal Charles Fumbled and the Broncos scored again. It left the Chiefs with 27 seconds left and they ran 2 plays for 7 yards.  Superbowl 50 is played on 2/7 so who knows.
Later in the Season in "Week Ten"=29, 83.  Football=83  Twenty Nine=50. The Chiefs beat the Broncos 29-13. It was the game Manning came out and Osweiler started playing. Interesting Manning didn't come back until the game on 1/3. 13 and 31 the mirrors. Smith was 17/31 passing that game too.
In Chiefs game against Houston Knile Davis caught the opening kick on the "A" of Texans and ran it for a TD in 11 seconds. A=1  So another 111? The camera then showed # 11 Smith before commercial.
Chiefs also beat the Chargers 33-3 in Week 11.  Philadelphia is in it's 333rd year of existence.
Royals won 111th world series on 11/1. The world series began on 10/27/15 the same day Philly turned 333. The same day Back to the Future III ends and same day Royals won the World Series in 1985. Marty's truck even has KC on the grill. I guess they are called KC Daylighters.  The reason the Royals won was because Matt Harvey wouldn't come out of the game. He stayed in for 111 pitches. Even in game 1 of the 111th world series. It started with the a Inside the park HR on the 1st pitch in the 1st inning giving the Royals 1 run. 111.

Alabama won the national Championship on 1/11.
Alabama=13, 31    They went into the game with a record of 13-1.
If you calculate the end date, it was also exactly 31 days after Alabama player Derrick Henry won the Heisman Trophy.

Wayne Static died on 11/1  2014.  His wife just died on 13/1 or 1/13.  Tera Wray=111. Wayne died 3 days before his 49th Bday. Celebrities dying recently right before or after their Bdays. David Bowie dies 2 days after his Bday.  Lemmy Kilmister 4 days after his Bday.

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