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Firing of David Blatt, Death of Steve Kerr's Father Philadelphia and Earthquake. May 22nd 143 Allen Iverson 56

David Blatt fired on January 22nd.  1/22.  Look at the time of the video ESPN had up. 2:39. A number we've seen over and over the past year.  We are in the 239th year of the United States. The 122nd day is also May 2nd  5/2.  The 52nd prime is 239.  
There is a lot to this story that connects to multiple things I've been covering. 

First off David Blatt is 56 years old. (56 in every story as of late)
He was born on 5/22. 
He was fired on 1/22  122 days before his Birthday with End date included. 

He coached the Cavaliers against the Warriors in the NBA Finals last year.  The finals I said Warriors were gonna win and it was connected to Valentines Day and the Space Jam Dunk of Zach Lavine in Slam Dunk Contest. 
Golden State became the Champions on 6/16... 122 days after Valentines. 
Golden State=122  
San Francisco=122 (They play in San Fran Bay area)
Steve Kerr also came back on 1/22 the same day Blatt was fired and Warriors beat the Pacers 122 to 110. Making their record 40-4. 404. What a coincidence! 

404 Verses in Revelation, King James Bible published 404 years ago until 5/2/16. Pope Francis arrived in US at 4:04pm. 
Pope Francis=122

Steve Kerr connected to Space Jam because he played on Michael Jordan's winning Chicago Bulls. Think about what they are doing with Golden State this year as well.  They are letting them try and make history breaking the Chicago Bulls 72 Win Record.  
The Bulls did this in 1995-96 Season. It was Steve Kerr's 1st Championship with the Bulls. Kerr was even traded to the Spurs after the 3rd championship and he won his 4th Championship in a row with the Spurs. He then won again with the Spurs 4 seasons later. So 4 in a row then 4 years later. 44. 
Think about the Spurs this year. They are only 2 wins behind the Warriors right now.  
Space Jam even came out 11/15/96. Earlier in the year Kerr won his first title with the Bulls.  His 31st Bday is even 49 days before 11/15/96.   Chicago Bulls=49  Kerr was 49 years old last year when Golden State won. San Francisco(49ers Gold Mining) Same year as Superbowl 49.

The number 31 has been connected to winning lately, especially in regards to the NFL Playoffs. I looked back at my notes of Steve Kerr and the Warriors and they were also connected to 31. 

Only Kerr and Frank Saul have won 4 straight NBA titles. 
Frank Saul=31

The Warriors play in Oakland.

Remember how the Warriors were doing terrible in the Finals until # 9 Iguodala came in and started guarding # 23 Lebron? The 9/23 we've mentioned over and over. Even the trainwreck in Philadelphia was at 9:23pm. Lebron in the movie Trainwreck that starts out when Amy Schumer is 9 years old. Rest of the movie takes place 23 years later.  
Andre Iguodala was 31 years old last year.  He came in on Game 4 stopping the Warriors from falling 3-1 in the Finals. 

Interesting too the movie Pixels came out this summer as well. It has Pac Man eating the Golden Gate Bridge/San Francisco. Yet in the movie they never once go to San Francisco. It doesn't make sense.  
Pixels=85, 31  (85 I've mentioned is an Earthquake number.) 

Steve Kerrs dad I also noticed was born in 1931. He was murdered on 1/18/1984. Also 1984 was 31 years ago in 2015 when the Warriors won. 

Notice too they mention a main reason he was fired was because of the blowout loss to the Warriors on 1/18/16.  This is the anniversary of Malcom Kerr's death in 1984. 

Wrestlemania 31 was also in San Francisco in 2015. 

Notice how David Blatt was fired after a record of 30-11 this year.  
So just shy of his 31st win.  31 is the 11th prime number. 
Interesting to point out that Lebron James just turned 31 on 12/30/15 as well.  

Kerr won his 2nd NBA title age 31 at the Bulls so possibly foreshadowing a rematch or a 2nd title for the Warriors? Not sure about this one because he won his 1st title age 30 like Blatt's record. Lebron is 31 now too so have to keep watching how it plays out. 

EARTHQUAKE David Blatt Firing
In my previous posts I have been mentioning a possible Earthquake being foreshadowed. Some interesting Info in regards to David Blatt's firing on this as well. 

He was fired 122 days before his Birthday on 5/22. 
I just did a post about 5/22 because of the death of Ben Carson Staffer  Braden Joplin in Southwest Iowa. 
Joplin, Missouri tornado happened on 5/22 exactly 19 years after Johnny Carson's last episode of the Tonight show on 5/22. Space Jam came out 19 years ago. Carson also born in Southwest Iowa. 

5/22 is the 143rd day of the year in 2016 with 223 remaining.
The Synagogue of Satan=223

The Worst East Coast earthquake on record happened in Charleston on 8/31/1886
Apollo Creed in Rocky died on 8/31/1985
Rocky...seems like a fitting title for an Earthquake.
The reason I mention this is because of the death of Grizzly Adams and the scene in Happy Gilmore.."Grizzly Adams did have a beard" was when Chubbs died. He is played by Carl Weathers who is also Apollo Creed on the Rocky films. Happy then learns to putt on the Putt Putt course called "Earthquake"=107  he learns to putt 1 hour 7 minutes into the film. A building falls that looks like the Comcast Center in Philadelphia where Rocky takes place. 
Philadelphia also connected to the Warriors because they used to play in Philadelphia. 

David Blatt even fired after coaching a total of 143 games with the Cavs. 

Also interesting he was replace by Tyronn Lue. I recently made a 5 or 6 part video in regards to Allen Iverson/Philadelphia and how he was surrounded by 56 his clear back to his Childhood. Tyronn Lue is well known for Iverson stepping over him in a game when Lue played for the Lakers in the 2001 NBA Finals.(Game 1)

The Sixers won 107-101 in overtime. 
Just want to point out Kobe Bryant scored his 81 points in a game on 1/22 and the Lakers scored a total of 122 points that game as well. Kobe from Philadelphia even tore achilles vs Warriors. 

Joe Paterno also died on 1/22  and I've mentioned the Penn State Connection to Nebraska Cornhuskers and movie Tommy Boy. Tyronn Lue of course a former Nebraska Cornhusker. 

Tyronn Lue=144, 45  

Allen Iverson=56
Wore # 3  Three=56
Got arrested age 17 and sentenced to 4 years in  prison from a fight at Circle Lanes bowling alley. 
Five Years=56
Seventeen=55  Fifty Six=55
Circle Lanes=56, 101   Philadelphia=101
Bowling Alley=56
He got out of jail because of Tom Brokaw.
Tom Brokaw=56
Mike Bailey=56 (His HS coach)
Went to Georgetown in Washington DC
Washington DC=56
Left after his "Sophmore Season"=65  to the 76ers.
Reebok=56 (sponsored by them)
Known for being a "Thug"=56
Caused the "Dress Code"=56  for the NBA
Retired cause he couldn't handle coming "Off the Bench"=56

Much more he is loaded to 56.  

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