Saturday, January 16, 2016

Halftime Chiefs Vs Patriots. 11's and more. Not looking So good for Chiefs.

Patriots 1st half...
Patriots 1st scoring drive was 11 plays.
Patriots 2nd scoring drive was 11 plays. It also put them up by 11. 14-3.
At halftime the stats on TV showed the Patriots are 11-1 when leading at halftime in Gillette Stadium.
Patriots kneeled it at the end of half with 12 seconds. Tom Brady # 12.

Chiefs 1st Half 
Jeremy Maclin is playing. He had 1 catch for 11 yards in the first half.
Interesting Chiefs didn't score at the end of the Half. Announcers say Smith started Hot. He was 5 for 5, but since that point he was 5 of 16.  Then Smith threw his last pass of the half leaving 16 seconds left. Chiefs had to settle for a Field Goat giving them 6 points. "Six"=16  Today is the 16th day of the year.  Sixteen=33 Like  1+16+16=33  33 a number of Sacrifice. Not looking good for Chiefs.
Andy Reid's 11th playoff appearance.
Announcers also mentioned Andy Reid got his first "Shutout"=124 as a Head Coach after 292 games last week.   Patriots are 12-4 right now.  292..29 92.  Ninety Two=145, 46  Chicago Illinois=145 Chicago=46   Twenty Nine=50.  This is the 293rd game though so Chiefs maybe only supposed to win against Houston. We will see. 293rd day is 10/20 with 72 left. March 13th is the 72nd day. Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13/13.  Pope Francis=122 Kansas City=122. Superbowl on 2/7 or 7/2.