Monday, January 27, 2020

Tyler the Creator performs song "Earfquake" with Boyz II Men at the Grammy's

Boyz II Men do a tribute to Kobe Bryant at the Grammy's held in the Staples Center....then they also perform with Tyler the Creator on his songs EARFQUAKE? and New MAGIC wand..
Boyz II Men the group from Philadelphia...
I have talked about Philadelphia in regards to earthquakes since's all important to 8/11...summer slam...Happy Gilmore..Black Cube

Notice the song was intially released on 5/7/2019....Remember on this same day someone trolled my old Kobe Bryant video
Michael Thomas=224(troll)
Toronto Raptors=224
Kobe Bryant=224(FB)
The Raptors won the finals after Kevin Durant tore his achilles....Summer Slam was in Toronto on 8/11. 

It was officially released on 6/4...
The Finals begin on 6/4 this year...
San on..

Tyler the Creator born on 3/6...Shaq's bday that is 41 days after Kobe died age 41. 

Don't forget the Independence Day Earthquake in Los Angeles....7/4....before the 74th season of the NBA. 

Kobe important to the Eagles winning SB 52 synced to the 4.1 earthquake near Philadelphia too. 


  1. Charlie Wilson, who was also part of that performance, just released his first single since 2017 called "forever valentine"

  2. If you google forever valentine, it is a "premier tattoo and cosmetic studio" located in Philadelphia