Friday, January 31, 2020

Kobe died 678 days after 3/19 in regards to my other post tonight-Prince-Queen-Mighty Ducks

In regards to my previous post tonight...I was looking at the post about being blocked by Russell Blattberg...the only other meme we shared was about the death of Prince....
Since the number 678 was important to my meme with Kobe..I figured I would see when 678 days before he died was...of course it was 3/19..2018....Remember Prince died 319 days after his bday...He has the song 319...
Vanity died on 2/15...the day leaving 319 days in the year...
Remember how 2/15 was a big day last year...the Aurora shooting synced to Jussie Smollett(Mighty Ducks) and the Aurora Duck Bus/Boat crash in 2015...this crash happened the same time Pope Francis was in the United States...

Bobby sent me this the other day as well..
Kobe died 54 days before 3/19..
A Pope connection as well...
Remember too how I asked God for a Truth seeking friend at 3:19am and then Sam text me 2 minutes later...Sam born on the 319th day of the year..

I also got a comment on my Fleetwood Mac video from last February the day after Kobe died....this video was all about the Royal Family/Queen....PRINCE...
Remember the Mighty Ducks important to We Are the Champions by Queen....the song synced up to Donald Trump's national convention and Queen Elizabeth II..

Shaun Weiss=262(FB)
This number important to 9/19 and Queen Elizabeth that I have mentioned since 2014...
I even mentioned this in April with my Saturday Night Live synchronicity and Jimmy Fallon..

3/13 to 1/26 is 319 days..
3/13 the 65th prime..

I keep falling asleep...I'll have to look back at my notes for 319..


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  2. I'm gonna do a quick video on the air and prince connections. Nah!! I'll just paste it here. Air code. Kobe dies 22 days to Air Jordans birthday. Jordan is an Aquarius born 2-17. Ephesians 2:2 mentions the prince of the power of the air. Revelation 16:17 the 7th angel pours out his vial into the air. Aquarius pours out his vial into the air. Aquarius is an air sign the third heaven. Gemini and Libra are the other air signs representing the 1st and 2nd heavens. Fresh Prince of Bel AIR was just in Gemini Man. Just like the fresh prince kobe born in philadelphia playing basketball goes to the west coast. Kobe dies 243 days to Will Smith's bday. Venus has a rotational period of 243 days but that's the Venus code.

    Someone showed me how Ed sheeran has a fresh prince tattoo. Is it a coincidence that Ed Sheeran shares a birthday with his airness?

    Will Smith is a Libra and the first mention of air in the bible is Genesis 1:26 Kobe's death date.

  3. Basketball = 251 Jewish the 54th prime
    Kobe the Catholic died 2510 days after Francis became Pope

  4. Funny thing. My library code to check out books in Middle School was 678. The address where I grew up was 2161. Kobe was 2161 weeks old when he died. 2161 is the 326th prime. He died 326 days after Shaq's 47th birthday and 326 days before Pope Francis' 84th birthday. Julius Irving who played for the Philadelphia 76ers has a career total of 30,026 points. He wore the numbers 32 & 6.

  5. We all know about the tetragrammaton but there's also this thing known as the Pentagrammaton the 5 letter hebrew name for Jesus. It sums to 326. JFK died on the 326th day of the year.