Thursday, January 2, 2020

South Park Captain Hindsight episode on when I got home last night

I got a crappy picture, but last night I didn't think I was doing anything. Jasmine had to work and her mom who lives with us went to the bar. Her mom came home around 10:30 so I asked her if she would watch the kids, so I could go out. I heard there was a band at the Gold Slipper, but when I got there they were already done..I ended up going to the bar and a bunch of my friends were there I get home and go to my bedroom. My son had woke up because someone was shooting fireworks, so I brought him in my room and turned on the tv for him....of course I turn the tv on to the episode of South Park and captain HINDSIGHT just after New Years 2020 begins...
I've documented about this episode previously which is why it's even funnier..

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