Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performing Super Bowl LIV Halftime show

The halftime show of Super Bowl LIV is Shakira and Jennifer Lopez? 
Notice J-Lo is 50 years old..
I honestly can't help but think of the South Park where they make fun of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck(Batman)...Also their relationship that was made very famous...
Shakira's bday is on the day of the Super Bowl and notice J-Lo's bday is 174 days(end date) after the Super Bowl. 
Super Bowl LIV=174

I wish I knew more about their music. All I can think of is the JLO songs with Ja Rule...
Ja Rule born on 2/29....229 the 50th prime number. 
The only Shakira song that comes to mind is Whenever, Wherever....interesting it was titled Suerte in Spanish...Suerte means LUCK. 

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