Sunday, January 12, 2020

Popeyes gives 'Familly Feud Canada" contestant $10,000 worth of food for viral wrong answer

Family Feud=51
Steve Harvey=51
Gerry Dee=51
Notice Gerry Dee is currently 51 years old when we get this story too. 
Eve Dubois=51
Ten Thousand=51
Ten Thousand Dollars=102
Family Feud=102

Logan Tomlin=51

I saw a different story where it said this guys name was Logan White. 
Logan White=51

It's also interesting this story wasn't on CNN until 1/11 which was 5 months 1 day before the 48th anniversary of Popeyes. 
Family Feud=48 and 51

Also interesting that Steve Harvey was born exactly 28 years after Popeye was first featured on 1/17. 

The fast food place Popeyes is named after Gene Hackman's character in the film "The French Connection"....
I'm just pointing this out considering the importance to France this year...
It also stuck out when looking at him because he's in the film "The Royal Tenenbaums"....earlier Claire was telling me how her teacher always sings "Oh Christmas Tree" as "Oh Tannenbaum" because it's the real way to sing it. Different spellings...but I feel like it might be important.  Coded Story of the Day...can I win $10,000 for pointing it out? 

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