Sunday, January 5, 2020

Kyle Rudolph wins the game for Vikings over the Saints-Lizzo Truth Hurts

I just turned on the Saints vs Vikings game....It's going to Overtime with a score of 20 to 20 that was made with 02 seconds on the clock...The Super Bowl is on 2/2/20/20 lol...
The Vikings tried to Ice the Saints kicker, by calling a timeout, but the refs let him basically get a practice kick in before stopping it.....They zoom in on the Vikings coach saying he called the Timeout 20 seconds ago lol. 

Kyle Rudolph caught the game winning pass for the Vikings in overtime. 
Notice today is 57 days after his birthday..
Kyle Rudolph=57

Once again the Saints have Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill who were both important to what I have documented about with the Vikings/Rams/Nebraska stuff. I didn't even think about these teams playing each other to begin the playoffs until now either. 

I still wonder if there is a connection to Lizzo and the new man on the Minnesota Vikings...the song got really popular in 2019...although it was made in 2017...

Lizzo's bday is 85 days or 2 months 25 days after the Super Bowl...
National Football League=85
Truth Hurts=47 and 225(FB)

What's funnier yet is that the only time I mentioned Lizzo on this blog was in regards to 2 stories that came out on 11/9..which is Kyle Rudolphs bday....I mentioned how the Cowboys should be paid attention to and they were playing the Vikings on 11/10. 

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  1. National Football League = 220, Master builder number = 220. Amazing how 2/2/2020 just happens to fall on Super Bowl Sunday.
    "Super Bowl Fifty-Four" = 257, the 55th prime. 22 and 55 often coded together for obvious reasons.