Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Heavyweights(film)-Ankh Necklace-Random Buzzfeed video that says Kobe in the Illuminati just before an Earthquake

For whatever the reason the last few night I have been trying to watch the film Heavyweights on Disneyplus. I used to love this movie as a kid and so on.. I kept falling asleep but tonight I turned it on early and my daughter liked it too. She usually hates anything I like, but the part where he does the situp into the butt she thought was hilarious and then started watching it with me.....
Anyway just after that scene I noticed that Keenan's character is wearing a necklace with an ANKH on it. I wanted to take a screenshot of it, and my daughter started asking me questions..I explained the ankh, egypt and the pyramids and then told her how the Illuminati hide things like this in films....told her about the dollar bill and the pyramid...a lot more than she could really process...but she told me her best friend told her about the Illuminati before. She then wanted to learn about the numbers thing again so I pulled up the gematrinator and had her type a bunch of things in...
For example..
Lion King=44, 91
Simba=44, 91
She doesn't really know history, politics or sports so I tried showing her stuff she might know. 
I then showed her how they hide pyramids with all seeing eyes in cartoons and so on...I showed her the Buffy picture and the Ben 10 picture...and other cartoons stuff on Youtube...I told her that most people don't even notice it, but it's because they don't know anything about it..and now that she knows she will probably start seeing it a lot more in her cartoons...just a ton of stuff...she's only 9 so I can't expect her to completely get it, but eventually I hope she will be rocking this info. 

Anyway as we were looking through a search of videos, she told me to click on this video...the preview had the guy on the right that she said looked like a guy from the funny videos she usually watches. 
So I click on the video and then I fast forward it to see if there were clips of illuminati videos or just 2 dudes talking the whole time....I stopped it at the point where the guy jokes that he thinks Kobe Bryant is in the Illuminati...then the room started shaking as they just had an earthquake...he then said..sorry Kobe I was joking...

It's just crazy that would even happen..especially considering Kobe's death and it's about all I've covered recently. Plus an Earthquake?
Also interesting the other guy is wearing a shirt that says Tokyo....Kobe named after Japanese Beef....Japan and Earthquakes...
Kobe Bean Bryant=213(FB)
213 the Los Angeles area code..

Tokyo Japan=128...today is 1/28

I figured I would just watch the whole video and another earthquake happens when they guy mentions Toledo...


  1. Know what's insane is I've been listening to these guys at least the past two weeks.

  2. They have a series called Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural. I've been trying to find ghost stories to listen to and I came across one on the Queen Mary (a ship) and yea that was the first one I heard them on. They crack me up.