Sunday, January 5, 2020

Titans beat the Patriots 20-13-Oil theme-Captain Hindsight

The Patriots lost to the Titans with a score of 20 to 13...
They are going on to play the Baltimore Ravens who the Super Bowl in 2013? 
The Titans won because of a Pick Six by the 83rd pick in the draft in 2013...Logan Ryan...who was drafted by the Patriots? 
Logan Daniel Ryan=82
New England Patriots=82
ESPN had an article a few days ago in regards to the Patriots being 8-2 since 1990..something against the Titans which makes sense considering they are now 8-3. 
Tom Brady's bday is 8/3. 
The Titans established on 8/3. 

Funny too that "Logan Ryan"=136...a number I documented about earlier today...
Pick Six=37, 44, 98
Patriots=37, 98

Logan Ryan gets the pick six 37 days before his bday. 

Tom Brady=98

Is it not interesting too that the Titans used to be the Houston Oilers....the Houston Texans won today and the Titans won today...
The Texans go on to play the Chiefs who used to be the Dallas Texans....

Remember the South Park episode with Captain Hindsight was all about the BP Oil Spill.....We might go to war with Iran....who the US said was behind the Saudi Aramco Oil bombings on 9/14...the 205th anniversary of Francis Scott Key writing the National Anthem...
The South Park episodes also did a joke with the film "A Clockwork Orange" that was important a few times in the last year...

I still think it's for the Ravens..but I wouldn't be surprised if the Titans were in the Super Bowl in connection to an OIL theme. I was honestly thinking about the Titans back in November with the Black Cat story too. 
The Titans lost to the Black Cat...the Carolina Panthers that same week....then they went on to beat the Chiefs the next week. The Black Cat story involved the Giants....I documented about he Titans and the Giants in the fall sometime...David and Goliath...
The guy from Remember the Titans also recently died...


  1. Trump begins is 911th lunar month on 1/10 which will be a lunar eclipse. Saros Series 144. The airstrike was 110 days after trump said we were "Locked and loaded" = 110

  2. The Wrecking Crew, Phil Spectors backing band, were used by The Beach Boys, also the name of a Sharon Tate film. There was some story about the Mrs Maisel series giving a unwelcome homage to Carol Kaye bass player of the crew recently. On the theme of FFearless Vampire Killers I echo the sentiment of a song by Bad Brains

    1. Oh BTW a big rape story has broke in the UK today with big Donald Trump numbers 159 48 190 36, someone called Reynhard Sinaga.

  3. last time Titans/Oilers won playoff game at New England was 41 year ago, Edmonton oilers beat Bruins 4-1 the same day in NHL