Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Mac Lethals Chiefs rap video and his 49.49 second no breath rap

I'm sitting at work looking at Facebook because it snowed and we aren't busy right now. My friend posted a video by kansas city rapper Mac Lethal and his song about the the end of the song he says I'm gonna rap for 49 seconds with 1 breath..which he does but notice he stops the clock at 49.49 even... what are the odds of thos considering the chiefs are playing the 49ers
Super Bowl=49

Notice the Super Bowl is 174 days before his bday..
Super Bowl LIV=174
David Sheldon=54
A perfect day to release the video too 1/22.
Kansas City=122
San Francisco=122
When I finally knew for absolute sure sports were rigged with numerology it was the when the giants beat the royals in the 2014 world series...just thinking about hindsight.

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