Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Bobby Beathard was the Chargers GM last time the 49ers won the Super Bowl-Kyle Shanahan and Andrew Luck's retirement-Jimmy G's Knee Inury against the Chiefs

How interesting is this? 

The 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan has a bday that is 50 days before SB 54. 
Remember this Super Bowl is important to SB 50 that was played in San Francisco. 
San Francisco=50
So on..

Notice his father Mike Shanahan's bday is 112 days before his. 
Super Bowl=112
Mike is known for coaching the Denver Bronco's...the team who won Super Bowl 50. 
The team Mahomes got injured against this year. 
Mike Shanahan=50

Also notice that Mike's bday is 8/24...the same day that Andrew Luck announced his retirement that was important to San Francisco and 8/11. It was also the last time the Chiefs and the 49ers have played each...

Remember Kyle Shanahan was the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons who lost in SB 51 that was synced up to Andrew Luck and the Colts...Flipping the Script. 
Andrew Luck=112

I figured I would look up the distance of Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith's bdays...
Notice it's 6 months 4 days...
Forty Niners=64
Established on 6/4...
Dwight Clark...dead on 6/4..
Kansas City Chiefs=64
Sixty Four=50

Steve Young's bday is 114 days before the Super Bowl. 
San Francisco Forty Niners=114
Jon Steven Young=64
Remember how Lawrence Philips died just before SB 50 as well that was hosted in San Francisco...
Philips is responsible for the hit that made Steve Young retire...he's connected to the Chiefs/Cornhuskers/Rams/Dolphins stuff I talked about way back when. 

Super Bowl 54 will be held 4 months 9 days before Joe Montana's bday....or a span of 131 days. 
Super Bowl=131
Montana retired from the Chiefs and football after the 94' season in which the 49ers last won the Super Bowl. 
Remember it was their 49th season as a franchise and they won with 49 points. 

The lead rusher of the game was QB Steve Young who had 49 yards. Odd that the QB would lead in rushing yards in the 90's.
Stan Humphries of the losing Chargers attempted 49 passes. 

Notice the GM of the Chargers was Bobby Beathard during this Super Bowl too. We just had the death of his grandson...the brother of 49ers QB CJ Beathard...
That SB was in Miami too..
Bobby Beathard started his executive career in the NFL as a scout for the Chiefs and his brother Pete played for the Chiefs. Of course drafted in 64' as the backup to Len Dawson..Mahomes breaks Dawson's record 64 weeks before SB 54. 
Remember the Chargers were the team Larry Johnson played his last game as a Chief against...then the Mormon's killed at the Mexico border was synced to Larry Johnson and the Chiefs vs Rams game cancelled in Mexico in 2018....this year the Chiefs played the Chargers in Mexico..

Philip Rivers moves out of San Diego in Free Agency too...moved to Florida?

I was also looking at my Jimmy Garoppolo posts about his KNEE...haha I forgot he injured it against the Chiefs..how perfect..
I also mentioned CJ Beathard in that post in connection to my 2015 stuff. 

I also wonder if the Notre Dame fire was important to Joe Montana and this narrative...Remember the France Attack happened before Super Bowl 50.....Dwight Clark died in Montana the same day Trump canceled the Eagles trip to the White House...then at the Notre Dame Football game the Eagle named Clark landed on the Notre Dame fan...The Eagles of Death Metal at the Bataclan 2015...then the death of Glenn Frey of the Eagles...
Eagles/Chiefs/Rams....Eagles won...Rams lost...now Chiefs in the SB. 

Also Ron Rivera now coaches the Redskins....Alex Smith..
He got fired on 12/3 with a 5-7 record...it was 36 days before his bday..
Ron Rivera=57

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  1. Andy Reid will be 22,600 days old for the SB. The Notre Dame Tower is listed at 226 ft tall. Been a ton of Utah stories. Reid is mormon. If he loses he'll be 4-6 in the the post season as a Chief 46 days to his birthday. The SB is 718 days after Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting. With a loss the Chiefs will be 7-18 in the playoffs since the merger. Lots lining up with shooting dates. 1331 day span from Pulse. 2606 days after Sandy Hook. Francis code. 44 date numerology. Shooting = 44. Of course the shooting and earthquake codes are interchangeable. Kyle Shanahan born 12/14. Sandy Hook on 12/14. Holocaust remembrance in Room 1214 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. 12/14/2020 is a total solar eclipse right in the middle of the two great American eclipses