Sunday, January 12, 2020

Aurora Shooting on 1/12 and death of Mexican wrestler La Parka

Possibly not related, but I see these 2 stories today which reminds me of South Park...Mexican Joker and the Joker film coming out...
The Mexican Joker isn't necessarily a wrestler though..

Today is 100 days after the Joker film came out..

It's interesting as there are 2 guys with this name. 

They were born 51 days apart and are both 54 years old.
Not too long ago Silver King died age 51.
Cesar Barron=51(his real name)

He dies 1 month 29 days after the other La Parka's bday. 
La Parka=129

He was injured 24 days before the other La Parka's bday.
La Parka=24

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