Sunday, January 26, 2020

2016 Legends of Chamberlain Heights episode has Kobe dying in Helicopter crash-China

An episode of the cartoon "Legends of Chamberlain Heights" depicted Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter crash. 
The episode came out on 11/16/2016...
This was 13 days before he announced his retirement. 
13th prime is 41. 
Remember too the Lakers played  Philadelphia the next game after he announced his retirement. 

Remember Wilt Chamberlain also from Philadelphia. 

Kobe dies 2 months 10 days after the anniversary of that episode....and 210 days before his bday...
Notice how the plot of the episode is about the internet going out, but one of the kids gets internet by connecting to a Chinese satellite for the internet. 

This episode came out 2 months 24 days after Kobe's bday...
Kobe Bryant=224(fb)
Watch End of days episode Here
The scene is around 11:20. 

End of Days....Philadelphia...Revelation...

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